Toddler Halloween costumes inspired by celebrities & pop culture

Mother and her child playing
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Toddlerhood is arguably the most fun era of the childhood Halloween years for parents, because the kids usually have no or little opinion on costumes yet and their mom and dad can project whatever hilarious ideas they can dream up onto their unsuspecting baby. Here are five hilarious toddler Halloween costumes that will win any contest.

Ruth Bader Ginsbaby

Your kiddo will be serving up candy with a side of sweet, sweet justice when she dresses as the Notorious RGB this Halloween. A little black graduation gown would be perfect, but if you can’t find one, a long black dress will be fine. Pair it with a lace collar, sensible shoes and play glasses, and pull her hair back into a bun. Bonus points for a dissent collar and gavel.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg baby costume
Photo credit: Instagram/jcaparaz

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Old man from Up

Toddlers and old people have a lot in common: They need help walking, they are often grouchy for no reason and they yell a lot. Turn your cranky kid into curmudgeonly Carl from Up  with brown pants, a white shirt, a bow tie and a blazer. Top it off with play glasses and a cane, and then tie a bunch of colorful balloons to his wrist or belt loop (don’t let him carry them — you know he’ll just let go and then start screaming that his balloons have floated away). You win Halloween if you create a cardboard house around his wagon and let him “float” through the neighborhood.

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Frida Kahlo

Pay homage to one of the most influential female artists ever while creating awesome unibrow photo ops with a Frida Kahlo costume. Put your toddler in a fiesta-style dress, or a colorful skirt and floral top combo, and pair with a brightly colored shawl and a flower crown. The most important part is, of course, the eyebrows. Draw them on with waterproof eyeliner so they don’t easily rub off. You can clean it up with makeup remover later.

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Photo credit: Instagram/Liberty Jaine Wexler

The Man in the Big Yellow Hat

Turn a beloved children’s story into a fun and unique Halloween costume! A bright yellow shirt and pants paired with a yellow hat with a black band (you can make one out of felt), a brown cross-body bag and stuffed monkey — Curious George, of course — create a simple yet instantly recognizable Man in the Big Yellow Hat costume your kid will go ape for.

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Jake from State Farm

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“She sounds hideous!” Jake from State Farm is a great last-minute costume, because you can find the components at any big box store at any time of year, and you won’t have to worry about them being sold out for Halloween. All you need are some khaki pants, a red golf shirt, and a name tag with the State Farm logo and the name Jake pinned to the front of the shirt. Extra credit for a phone headset.