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Grateful | Down-to-earth ways to help you build a happy life

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Yes, you may have seen us before.

Here’s our story: We started as, America’s online destination for all things holidays. But as we continued to grow and expand, we realized we had so many different ideas to share — things that didn’t fit into the holiday content concept. (Besides, shouldn’t every day be celebrated?)

And so, was born. You can just call us Grateful.

Here’s our evolution. (So far.)

Our team explores curiosities, pushes boundaries, and finds new ways for you to live fully, brightly, authentically and joyfully – not just during the holidays, but every day.

We don’t have all the answers, but we ask all the questions to discover what it means to live a bold, vibrant & grateful life.

Our goal is to cover the topics we think matter most to you:

How we EAT

We believe good food leads to a great life, and that what you put into your body matters. We regularly share cooking tips, nutritional facts and eating advice. We only develop and publish recipes we stand behind and would eat ourselves. Many of our recipes are keto-friendly, plant-based, or contain ingredients with mood-boosting properties. Every once in a while, we’ll throw an indulgent recipe in there because, it’s true: we only live once, so we might as well enjoy it.
→ Something delicious is waiting for you

What we MAKE

We believe we should all use our hands more to create. Living in a digital world where anything is just a mouse click away, it’s easy to forget what a joy-filled and sometimes cathartic impact art can have. We share do-it-yourself ideas for DIY décor, DIY beauty, DIY fashion and DIY crafts.
→ Come on in & see what you can make


We believe giving, loving and creating memories is essential to living (and celebrating!) a full and grateful life. We regularly share gift guides, holiday recipes, festive crafts, and creative décor and gifts.
→ Let’s get festive!

Why we LEARN

We believe health is one of the largest contributors to a happy life. But health comes in all forms — physical, mental, and even professional. We regularly explore and test wellness trends in self-care, fitness, and psychological well-being. We share pro tips, entrepreneur stories (raise your hand if you’re a side hustler!), mindful how-tos and science-backed information that affect our brains, bodies and souls.
→ Find out more

Need something to WATCH?

We also have our own YouTube channel where we take YOU along for the ride, as our team of creators conduct taste tests, explore unusual jobs, tackle bucket list items, develop recipes and share helpful instructional how-tos that bring more joy to life.
→ Take a look

Creative ideas from MakeItGrateful com
DIY Marvel Shoes/French Press Coffee/Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Custard

But like really, who are you?

We’re a small team of creative humans based in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, and you can get to know most of us through our videos.

Our parent company is Gannett, who also runs USA TODAY. While we operate independently, and focus on lifestyle rather than news, we have the same goal: to create high-quality, innovative, meaningful and empowering content.

We’ve been through a lot of changes — real life, y’all — but we’re so happy to be here, especially for the chance to reach people like you. So, yes, we have to say it: We really are Grateful.

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