Yarn spider Halloween craft

Did you know it’s been estimated that, on average, a human is never more than 10 feet from a spider? You read that correctly—never. Now, if it’s one of these adorable yarn spiders, inspired by A Pinch of Joy, we doubt anyone would mind. But, what are the chances they will all be this cute and, well, not alive? Seems unlikely.

For now, let’s try to forget about our unwanted roommates and focus on this fun, easy yarn spider that no one will mind having in their home. In fact, this craft is so easy and inexpensive, you may just decide you need a whole cluster of these eight-legged visitors in your house.

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It’s easy to get excited for a craft that only requires yarn, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. These can be whipped up in no time if you need a last-minute Halloween decoration. Or sit back and relax with your kiddos as you make your own little family of furry friends.

This would be an ideal craft for a children’s Halloween party. However, we suggest you do this craft before they indulge in all the sugary treats at the party or you’ll never get them to sit still long enough to make their spiders.

If you have a daycare or teach at a preschool or elementary school, this yarn spider craft would be the ideal, easy and quick craft for a restless Friday afternoon. Some parent volunteers would be a welcome addition for the wrapping and cutting of the string. Or, for the littlest crafters, the spider’s body could be created beforehand so all the little ones have to do is glue the legs and googly eyes—and name their new friend, of course!

With their bendable legs, these spiders can sit on tables, shelves, … the back of the toilet seat. Attach a long piece of white string to their back and they can hang from ceilings, light fixtures, shelves, mantles—you name it. Stick them on a homemade spider web in a corner of your home or on the porch to greet visitors and trick-or-treaters.

Or, have a little fun with them and play the Halloween version of Elf on the Shelf. Each day someone hides the spider in a new location and the lucky finder gets to hide it the next time. We suggest places like resting on a pillow, under the sheets in a bed, or in a dresser drawer. We hear they like dark, quiet places.

If you’re lucky, these spiders may scare away the other spiders that are never more than 10 feet from you. Never!

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Begin forming spider body

Wrap yarn around your hand 50-60 times.

Begin forming spider body

Secure yarn

Tie one piece of yarn around the bundle to hold in place.

Secure yarn

Begin cutting yarn

Cut through the looped yarn to form your pompom.

Begin cutting yarn

Trim the pom for the yarn spider

You can make this as large or small as you wish.

Trim pom for Yarn spider Halloween craft

Glue legs on

Attach 4 cut pipe cleaners to each side of the spider body to create legs.

Glue legs on

Bend legs

These can be any shape you like.

Bend legs

Finally, glue googly eyes on

Now your yarn spider Halloween craft is cute as can be!

Finally, glue googly eyes on

So quick, easy, and absolutely adorable

so easy

Super cute! These lovable spiders will dress up your Halloween decor

super cute

Yarn spider Halloween crafts can be done in any color you want

Yarn spider Halloween crafts can be done in any color you want.


  • Yarn
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Scissors


  1. Wrap string around your hand to create the pompom.
  2. There are various pom-creating tools that can be purchased. I keep it simple and use my hand.
  3. I wrapped the yarn around my hand 50-60 times.
  4. Carefully slide yarn off your hand and tie the string over the yarn.
  5. Cut the inside of the yarn loop to form the yarn pom.
  6. Trim the pom to your liking.
  7. Cut 4 pipe cleaners in half to use for the legs.
  8. Glue 4 legs on the bottom right side of the spider.
  9. Glue other four legs to the left side.
  10. Bend spider legs to desired creepy crawly shape.
  11. Finish off your furry friend by gluing the googly eyes on.