We went ghost hunting in a haunted museum

Ghost Hunting

Do you believe in ghosts? It’s probably a question you’ve been asked at least once in your lifetime. But have you ever really put your conviction to the test? Whether you’re a diehard skeptic or a true believer, the fact remains the same: There are some things you simply can’t explain. And when you hunt ghosts in a haunted museum with paranormal investigators, there are a lot of things that defy logic.

For those of us who are naturally skeptical, logic is the shield we tote around to fend off talk of things that aren’t tangible — things like spirits, apparitions, hauntings. Logic isn’t always impenetrable, though.

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Maybe it’s a sensation, like the exact moment the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up or a shiver shoots up your spine. Maybe it’s an ominous feeling that settles over you. Standing in the dark, in a place where spirits supposedly linger, has a way of breaking through any cracks in a skeptic’s armor.

But are unexplained phenomenon evidence of paranormal activity? The team at Grateful tagged along with the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS) to examine paranormal activity in a haunted museum. What tools are they using and what level of evidence is required to prove the skeptics wrong? Are ghosts, in fact, real — and, if so, would they reveal themselves?

PAPS formed 20 years ago to help people struggling to understand or living in fear of the unexplained. Their goal is to offer peace of mind, either by debunking suspected paranormal activity or, if they can’t, by trying to capture evidence of it through modern techniques and tools.

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Dolls with real hair and human eyelashes that emanate an eerie vibe. An antique barber chair that inexplicably creaks and vibrates. Mannequins that move on their own. Yes, the museum in Arizona that PAPS investigated with the Grateful team is an apparent hotbed of paranormal happenings… or, if you’re a true cynic, unexplained occurrences.

Was irrefutable evidence caught on camera? Watch our ghost hunting video and judge for yourself. Know this, though: It’s one thing to talk about a haunted space with skepticism, while it’s another thing entirely to experience it. It’s not always what you do see that matters, but what you don’t.