Matching father & son Halloween costumes that we love this year

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Want to have an excuse to dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating with your kids? Don’t be the dad who rolls up to the door dressed as the Grim Reaper. Instead, come up with cute father & son Halloween costumes combo that will impress your neighbors.

After all, the best way to collect candy without risking your rep as a cool dad in the neighborhood is to team up with your kid in a father-son costume. Here are a few ideas that will make you the coolest pair in town.

Carl and Russell from Up

Wear brown pants, a white dress shirt, tweed jacket and a bow tie. If you don’t already have gray hair, grab a can of colored hair spray and go to town. Throw on a pair of black eyeglasses. Your little one can wear a homemade scout uniform: brown shorts, a tan short-sleeved shirt with hiking boots. Add a brown sash that you can make out of felt or an old tee shirt, and use stickers as badges. Tie a bunch of colorful helium balloons to his wrist and you’re ready to go!

Carl and russell
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Dr. Evil and Mini-Me

Wear a gray suit, and you can fake a Nero collar by popping the suit collar. If you aren’t bald, the costume won’t be complete without a flesh-tone skullcap. Use makeup to create a scar below your eye. Your Mini-Me just wears a gray suit too.

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Calvin and Hobbes

Wear a tiger costume, and your kiddo can wear a red-and-black-striped shirt, black jeans, red Converse, and spiky blond hair. Bonus points if you print up a Captain Maim comic book.

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Each other

Dad dresses as son. Son dresses as Dad. Guess what? If your son is still in onesies, you’re wearing a onesie. Your kid is going to look pretty fly in little Hudson jeans and a v-neck, though.

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Peter Pan and Captain Hook

This iconic duo from the beloved children’s story is iconic. The gimmick is that you are Peter Pan and your little one is Hook.

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