How to make the perfect French Press coffee


Coffee is universally loved. Whether it’s the fresh start to a new morning or a soothing brew after a full dinner, coffee comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Maybe for you it’s an ice cold Venti Mocha Frappuccino or a classic double shot espresso — there’s no wrong way to drink coffee, but there are some better ways. Enter: the French Press.

Black coffee doesn’t have to be the dark, watery, bland, burnt and bitter beverage most of us are used to drinking. If you think coffee just “tastes like coffee,” you’re missing out on a whole world of flavor and variety. Just like craft beer and premium wine, coffee has an incredible spectrum of taste. From where the coffee beans (actually seeds) are grown, to how the coffee is prepared and roasted, to the brewing method and how the coffee is served, there are so many ways coffee can reveal itself as more than brown burnt water.

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In the video below, we take you through the steps required to make the perfect French Press coffee. We’ve also provided some additional tips and product recommendations.

Step 1:

Measure coffee beans. You typically want about 32 grams of coffee. Precise measurements are pretty crucial when it comes to making the perfect cup of Fresh Press coffee, so use a food scale (like this one).

Note on the coffee beans: We recommend that you source your coffee beans freshly roasted. We like Dillanos Coffee, but there are many good coffee roasters out there. Supporting local is always good, too!

Step 2:

If using coffee beans (not coffee grounds), pour them into a conical burr grinder and grind just until the beans appear coarse like sand. They don’t have to be perfectly ground down.


Step 3:

Prime the French press by pouring warm water into the glass. This will ensure heat consistency throughout the glass when it comes time to brew! If you don’t have a French Press but are in the market (you should be), we love the Bodum Chambord French Press coffee maker. Even better, it’s only $30.

Step 4:

After a couple of seconds, pour the hot water out and add coffee grounds to the French press.

Step 5:

Place the French press with coffee grounds onto a food scale set to zero. Using a smart kettle, add filtered, purified water and heat it to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Then pour the heated (but not boiling) water over the grounds until the scale reads 480 grams.

Step 6:

Use a timer to brew the coffee for exactly 4 minutes.

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Step 7:

At 2 minutes, use a spoon to break up and reincorporate the coffee grounds that are forming a crust.


Step 8:

Once the 4 minutes are up, push down on the French press plunger. If you want to make the coffee even smoother, pour it through a coffee filter or strainer. Now, you’re ready to enjoy your cup of brew!