Mummy Mason jar Halloween craft

Mummies recall scenes of slow-moving, wrapped in gauze, dripping in blood, moaning semi-humans. Not exactly cute and crafty. However, this mummy Mason jar craft, inspired by A Little Clarification, is exactly that—cute, crafty, easy, and budget-friendly. Nothing scary about it at all!

Pumpkins are great for illuminating dark October nights. However, for a charming Halloween decoration that doesn’t require sharp knives and won’t begin to rot after a few days, this mummy Mason jar does the trick. Hard to get more simple than four supplies, one hot glue gun, and a place to set your glowing jar. Truly the most difficult part of this craft is wrapping the mason jar in cheesecloth or gauze and securing it with hot glue.

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This craft is the reason you have been saving all those empty jars! Any size Mason or other glass jar will work depending on the type of mummy you want invading your home. Mummies come in all shapes and sizes: tall and skinny, short and stocky. And we love them all. Do you want mummies in training? If so, small jelly or jam jars will suffice. Or do you want expert mummies with the experience and credentials to prove their worth? If so, big, empty mayo or peanut butter jars will do the trick. If you want a family of mummies include several sizes of Mason jars for parents and the kids.

Crafters of all ages can make their own mummy. A little help with wrapping the jar and even the littlest hands are good to go. They can always use regular white glue to secure the googly eyes and a red marker would go a long way in adding “blood” to the mummies.

Real tea light candles can be placed in the jar as long as they will always be under supervision when lit. Flameless tea lights are ideal if little ones will have easy access to these, to ensure your mummy-makers stay safe.

Plastic jars would make this the perfect craft for kids so they don’t break and shatter if dropped. With a little help, preschool or elementary school classes could make this adorable (we mean, spooky!) mummy to add a bit of holiday decoration to their desk or bedroom. Gather the neighborhood kids and have a mummy-making party in your own home. Replace the tea light with candy, pencils, markers—it could be used to hold just about anything. Use it as a temporary replacement for your cooking utensils holder. No doubt a special teacher would even love one sitting on her desk to hold her supplies.

Make several, set them around your house, on a table, lined up along a window sill, or grouped together on your front porch and these mummies will light up the night—and scare away evil spirits—all month long.

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Gather supplies

A jar, cheesecloth or gauze, googly eyes, and a tea light will do.

Gather supplies

Create mummy body

Wrap cheesecloth or gauze around jar and secure with a dot of glue from a hot-glue gun.

Create mummy body

Decorate the mummy Mason jar craft

Use a hot-glue gun to secure googly eyes on the front of the jar.

Decorate Mummy mason jar craft

Light the mummy

Place a tea light inside the jar.

Light the mummy

This cute Halloween craft couldn’t be any easier!

This cute Halloween craft couldnt be any easier!

The most adorable mummies we have ever seen!

The most adorable mummies we have ever seen


  • Mason jar
  • Cheesecloth or gauze
  • Large googly eyes
  • Tea light candle
  • Hot-glue gun


  1. Wrap cheesecloth or gauze around the Mason jar.
  2. Can put a dot of glue to hold down cheesecloth if needed.
  3. Glue googly eyes to cheesecloth.
  4. Place tea light inside jar.