How to decorate some friendly & fun monster donuts

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Most of the fun of Halloween is focused on Oct. 31, but why not spread the fun out over the course of the month and incorporate a great Halloween snack craft? Bring a little fun into your Halloween and celebrations, for breakfast or brunch, with these DIY monster donuts created by Crafty Chica.

Decorating donuts is so easy, it’s scary! Because this craft is so simple and fun, it’s a great activity to do with kids, teens — or even other adults. This versatile food craft is perfect for a Halloween party activity.

For a donut-decorating party, spread a festive Halloween-themed tablecloth, and set out all the decorating materials in bowls down the center of the table. Give each participant their own plate with a plain donut so they can get in on the monster-making action. You will need to help younger children to add the frosting to the donuts, but even toddlers and preschoolers can decorate the donuts with candies and trinkets by themselves.

You can find an assortment of Halloween candy and trinkets at your local craft store, dollar store or grocery store. Look for plastic eyeballs and vampire teeth in the Halloween section of the store. You can buy pre-made tinted icing (along with decorator tips) and edible eyeball sprinkles in the cake-decorating section of the grocery store, or you can make your own buttercream frosting to use with piping bags and decorator tips.

Great candies for this craft include gummy eyeballs, fingers or teeth, colorful chiclet-style gum, bone- and skull-shaped candies, black and white licorice bits, edible eyeballs and colorful sprinkles.

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Decorate the donut with icing

Start with one donut and add icing for the first layer. Make sure you add icing where you’d like to place the eyes and mouth.

Different decorator tips will create different frosting effects. A star-shaped tip will make a grooved line or swirl, or you can use it to make frosting stars by squeezing a bit of frosting onto the donut and then lifting the tip away from the donut.

If you like, practice various frosting effects on a piece of waxed paper before you begin.

5D4B6471 - Crafty Chica - Monster Donuts - applying frosting to donut

Add the candy embellishments

Once the donut or concha is frosted, it’s time to embellish with fun candies by placing them on top of the icing.

5D4B6518 - Crafty Chica - Monster Donuts - placing candy skull onto frosted donut

Finish with sprinkles

Once your monster donut looks just like you want it to, it’s time to finish. Add a dusting of sprinkles, as desired.

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How adorable are these donut monsters?

5D4B6567 - Crafty Chica - Monster Donuts

So simple and fun to do!

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Make them as spooky or silly as you like

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The colors pop!

5D4B6580 - Crafty Chica - Monster Donuts

Such a festive party platter!

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  • Donuts
  • Gummy teeth
  • Gummy worms
  • Licorice
  • Small candies
  • Optional: plastic eyeballs and plastic vampire teeth
  • Icing
  • Sprinkles


  1. Start with one donut and add icing for the eyes and mouth.
  2. Place candies on top of the icing.
  3. Add sprinkles, as desired.

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