Classic toddler Halloween costumes that never get old

toddler posing wearing a firefighter costume
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Finding great toddler Halloween costumes can be a huge challenge. Kids between 1 and 3 years old can be picky, easily annoyed with bells and whistles, and already intent on what they want to be for Halloween.

They also need to be mobile, warm and safe — and away from cheap materials that could cause discomfort and skin irritation. To help you with your costume conundrum, we’ve rounded up a few ideas for both boys and girls that are affordable, high-quality, comfortable and, most of all, cute.

Baby t-rex

Available in sizes 6 Months to 6 years, this baby t-rex costume is scary enough for the older kids but still super-cute and nonviolent. Lightweight and detailed, the jumpsuit comes with a hood and t-rex mitts that allow your child to be comfortable while still playing the part.

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Old lady/old man

We don’t quite know why this is so hilarious, but it is. Try dressing up your toddler as an old lady or an old man, and watch the candy come rolling in. You can buy a costume to get the look easily, or you can create it yourself. All you need is a cardigan, some plastic thick-rimmed glasses and a gray wig. Complete the old-man look with suspenders, a bowtie and a small cane. For the old woman, add a kerchief, some chunky pearls (just watch out for choking hazards) and a tiny purse.

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Perfect for both girls and boys, this toddler firefighter outfit features a soft version of the hat, rather than the typical cheap plastic option. Be aware that many preschools and kindergartens don’t allow any sort of weapons with Halloween costumes, but you can swap out the fireman’s ax for a toy truck or stuffed Dalmatian.

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Toddlers love watching Finding Nemo and pretending to be animals. Some of the other clownfish costumes on the market are lacking in detail and construction, this not this one. Available in sizes up to 6T, it’s made out of baby-blanket material for a soft, comfortable night of trick-or-treating.

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If you have a toddler who doesn’t like being dressed up or confined in a jumpsuit-type outfit, this doughnut costume can save everyone a lot of grief. It keeps your kid’s head free and clear (ideal for the toddler who doesn’t like hoods or hats), and it’s easy to put on over regular clothing. It’s easy to take off, too, in case your picky toddler flip-flops on being dressed up at all (an often overlooked problem with costumes for toddlers). Extra bonus: While it’s not one-size-fits-all, the toddler size accommodates a pretty wide range of sizes, so you can buy it online without worry.

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