13 boo-tiful kid-friendly Halloween drinks

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There’s something particularly fun and festive about serving themed beverages for a kid’s party. Instead of the normal offerings such as water, soda and lemonade, why not serve a fun Halloween drink for the kids this year? Whether you’re hosting a party for the neighborhood children or just want something gruesome to serve before trick-or-treating, we have 13 of the sickest, most tantalizing, kid-friendly Halloween drinks.

Goosebumps punch

Throw a Goosebumps party this year for the kids and feature this eerie and delicious Goosebumps punch from Sugar and Soul.

Goosebumps started as a series of novels in the 1990’s and to this day a dearly loved horror series for kids. With the popularity of the Goosebumps movie in 2015, it’s no surprise that kids aged 7-14 are fascinated by the other side. The Goosebumps movie grossed $150 million worldwide, far exceeding Sony Picture’s estimates.

With on-demand availability of the movie, Goosebumps has grown even more popular with kids. So throwing a Goosebumps party as a Halloween theme this year would bring smiles to all the young zombies, mummies, ghosts and ghouls.

This fun and delicious Goosebumps punch is just the thing to serve at the party. The punch is quite simple to put together, so you’ll have more time to prepare the other items. All you need is a punch bowl, lemon-lime soda, green food coloring, rainbow sherbet, and gummy worms.

In the bowl, combine the soda with the food coloring, then add the entire carton of sherbet, one scoop at a time. Next add the gummy worms, reserving some for garnish. Serve by ladling some punch into a glass — be sure to get some sherbet — and garnish with a gummy worm. Your guests will squeal with delight with one look at this yummy drink.

Photo credit: Sugar & Soul

Bloody Shirley Temple

Halloween brings out the kid in all of us. There’s candy, there’s costumes — and there’s the parties. Halloween is a great time to let the kids have a costume party, so those trick-or-treat costumes get more than one use. Up the gruesome factor at your kid’s Halloween party with this recipe for bloody Shirley Temples from This Grandma is Fun.

The Shirley Temple drink is simply lemon-lime soda and grenadine and has been around since the mid-20th century. The drink was created by some Hollywood restaurant (origin stories abound) as a way to increase their sales by latching onto the popularity of the actress Shirley Temple. Although Shirley Temple herself didn’t much care for the beverage, America continues to love the drink as a fun way for kids to get in on the cocktail action. Grenadine is a bar syrup, used for its sweet and tart flavor, as well as its signature deep pink color, but it has no alcohol.

For this variation, pour lemon-lime soda into a glass, then fill a plastic syringe with grenadine and serve one syringe with each glass. The kids will love squirting their own grenadine into their cups.

This Bloody Shirley Temple will be an unforgetable addtion to your Halloween party. However, may we advise that this Halloween party be an outdoor party? However fun and delicious this will be, we can foresee some grenadine going astray. You may also want to have a few syringes filled with stain remover handy.

Photo credit: This Grandma is Fun

The Vampirina kid-friendly drink

Whenever Disney creates a new show, the Disney marketing machine starts pushing the merchandise as a way to increase the popularity of its shows and movies. No judgement here! Our house is full of Star Wars, Avengers and Disney characters. We love all the Disney merch.

Vampirina, one of Disney Jr.’s new shows, highlights the adventures of a young vampire. The little vampire has recently moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, so her parents can open up a hotel called the Scare B&B for visiting ghosts, goblins and vampires. The show is based on a book series called Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace. And, of course, there’s merchandise to go along with the show.

If your cute little four year old wants a Vampirina birthday or Halloween party, then we have the drink for you! This Vampirina mock-tail is perfect for your Halloween party. The blue and violet hues are beautiful and perfectly match Vampirina the character. Seek out the Vamprina paper goods at the party store, and you’re all set!

This drink recipe calls for lemonade, lavender syrup, ice and grape and cherry rock candy. A Worthey Read recommends adding just a touch of the rock candy at the top, otherwise it tends to clash with the flavors of the juice.

For a fun and fruity beverage for the kiddies, this Vampirina beverage will have everyone licking their chops.

Photo credit: A Worthey Read

Witch’s Brew

“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” Shakespeare couldn’t have known how immortal those words would be as he wrote Macbeth. The main character is obsessed by their prophecies and consults them often so the witches are a big part of the story’s story line of the struggle between the supernatural and the natural realms.

While the witches in the classic play convey a much deeper meaning than simply potion-making, we have a witch’s brew from Self Proclaimed Foodie that is not short of drama. For Halloween this year, serve up a cup of this bubbling, fizzy and smoky punch.

Take two cups of orange juice, one half cup of lemon juice, a bottle of sparkling apple cider, a bottle of sparkling white grape juice and some dry ice. Mix all the juice together in a large punch bowl, and then carefully add in a bit of dry ice. Serve immediately. This is a super sweet punch and can be diluted with a bit of club soda.

This punch can easily be adapted for the of-age witches and wizards, though. Simply add in a touch of liquor instead of club soda. Vodka, gin or rum would all work in this recipe.

The little witches-in-training at your Halloween party will go crazy for this eerie punch. If serving to kids, take care to not serve chunks of dry ice, otherwise their little mouths will burn. Serve this punch in fun goblets for a spooky, thrilling effect.

Photo credit: Self Proclaimed Foodie

Eyeball punch orange creamsicle drink

Kids are fascinated with all kinds of eyeballs. The eyeball is one of four external organs, along with the nose, ears and skin. Kids even like to touch their own eyeballs (euw!). And it’s always fun to watch kids discover that they can see the veins under the lids, or that their pupils will change size.

Halloween and eyeballs are especially fun together. The gruesome part of us enjoys the creepiness of the organ apart from the body. eyeballs separate from the head mean something terrible has happened and gives us the heebie jeebies in a delightful kind of way.

Now, we don’t mean to be macabre, but this eyeball punch from Mom Dot will be just the thing for your Halloween party this year. Fun, festive and fearsome, all the kiddie monsters will be clambering for more of this eyeball punch.

Start with a basic orange sherbet punch: grab some orange Fanta and some orange sherbet or orange ice cream. Pour the soda into a punch bowl and, just before serving, scoop the entire container of sherbet or ice cream into the soda.

Of course you will need the appropriate serving pieces. For this punch, grab some glass beakers and eyeball ping pong balls from your favorite online retailer. Serve an eyeball with each glass of punch (give the eyeballs a quick wash . first, of course) and the monster mash will go down in infamy.

For Halloween this year, serve up a fun and unforgettable punch for the kids. The Halloween party will go from average to fantastic with a great punch like this one.

Photo credit: MomDot

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