10 chillingly creepy Halloween cocktails for your big boonanza

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Is it Halloween yet? It feels like it’s been forever since we had a good excuse to go completely overboard on decorations and throw a party. Or was that just last week? Regardless, we can’t wait for all things Halloween, and these 10 chillingly creepy Halloween cocktails that are perfect for your big Halloween boonanza are right up our party-throwing alley.

Peaches and scream

Even before tasting this masterpiece, you’ll have to admit it’s just cool to look at. Swirls of orange and brown in a pale orange liquid topped with orange and black sugar crystals sparkling on the rim of the glass make this peaches and scream cocktail a must-make for your Halloween bash. Once you hear the ingredients — cream, peach puree, cinnamon spice and whiskey — it’s a no-brainer. You need this for your party. Strained into a stylish martini glass and garnished with extra cinnamon spice and a peach slice, this is one classy cocktail that your guests will ooh and aah over — as they are asking you for another one.

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Chocolate chili martini

The martini is the quintessential “grown-up” drink for your adult gathering. But don’t let the phrase “grown-up” deter you from trying this chocolate chili martini. If you are a lover of both sweet and spicy, as we are, this is the cocktail you’ve been waiting for. Only a few ingredients come together to create a smooth as chocolate (with a kick!) beverage that is perfect to sip on a cool fall evening while enjoying the company of some of your favorite (adult) ghouls and goblins. Chocolate liqueur with a hint of chili, the sweetness of lemon-lime soda and the addition of the dry ice gives this cocktail the ultimate Halloween vibe. It’s guaranteed to be a hit at your Halloween boonanza.

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Poison apple cocktail

Offering your guests a poison apple cocktail may give them pause, but once they take their first sip (and don’t fall into a forever sleep) their doubt will quickly be removed by the easy sweetness of this concoction, resulting in very happy taste buds. This drink will tempt you into wanting more. But beware, it comes with a bite that is easily disguised by its sweetly deceptive flavor. Being fans of simple, we love that this adult Halloween treat needs only three ingredients and no magic spell. Mix one at a time or create enough to fill a punch bowl and keep chilled until it’s time to serve.

Make it a mocktail: Substitute the whiskey for water and non-alcoholic vanilla extract at a ratio of two parts vanilla to one part water; swap the Apple Pucker schnapps for apple juice or another tangy juice.

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Halloween sangria

Need something to make the long night of Halloween  endless ringing doorbells and kids who have eaten way too much sugar — a bit easier to tolerate? This Halloween sangria will be just what the doctor ordered to help you enjoy Halloween again. Just the word “sangria” conjures images of relaxing evenings on the deck with friends. While we can’t guarantee it will provide exactly that feeling, if you (briefly) close your eyes, this delicious sangria will help you escape, even if just momentarily. Being that it’s a sangria, you’ll need to stock up on black and green grapes, lemon and limes slices, red wine, ginger ale and brandy. Oh, and don’t forget the oh-so-important cinnamon stick for the perfect touch of fall. Make a big batch, chill it in the refrigerator and sit back and enjoy with your adult trick-or-treaters as you try to pass out more candy than you eat.

Make it a mocktail: Substitute the brandy for apple juice, cider or white grape juice, and replace the red wine with red grape juice or cranberry juice.

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Eyeball highball cocktail

The name alone should make you curious enough that you just have to give this ingenious Halloween cocktail a try. The eyeball highball Halloween cocktail just screams Halloween. What is more ghoulish than a frozen eyeball or two staring back at you as you sip this brew? The highball itself is the classic two-ingredient cocktail. It’s the “eyeballs” that give it the final (un)appealing touch. The beauty of this cocktail is perhaps in its simplicity. Without the eyeballs, it’s just a nightcap. Add the eyeballs, and you’ve got a cringeworthy cocktail that will fit right in with your adult festivities.

Make it a mocktail: Easy peasy. Simply add the frozen eyeballs to any juice or soda for the ultimate Halloween touch for the kiddos.

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Brain hemorrhage

The brain hemorrhage cocktail is sort of like a scary movie. You might want to take this shot with one hand covering your face as you sneak a peek through your fingers to see just how gory it really is. You won’t be sorry you risked it, though. While it can’t really be described as particularly appetizing to look at, we can say with certainty it is far more mouth-watering than it appears. Peach schnapps, Irish cream and grenadine come together to create a tasty, albeit somewhat icky to look at, Halloween shot that may just keep your guests coming back for seconds — still, however, with their eyes closed.

Photo credit: James and Everett

The corpse reviver

If you’re looking for a Halloween cocktail with a name just as excellent as it tastes, the corpse reviver is your ticket to success. While we can’t vouch for its ability to actually revive a corpse, we can vouch for its yummy come-back-for-seconds flavor. Equal parts of four ingredients and a drop of absinthe for the final touch, this cocktail is no joke. So, plan to sit back and relax with said drink in hand as you pass out gobs of candy to strangers’ kids, or serve it at an adults-only Halloween soiree where you can enjoy it sip by sip as you visit with other like-minded adults minus the constant ringing of the doorbell. Either way, this will be a recipe you’ll want to hang onto and enjoy for many Halloweens to come.

P.S. If you do try using it to revive a corpse, let us know how it goes!

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The kiwano toxic sludge margarita

You might need to visit a specialty grocery store for the key ingredient in this Halloween cocktail, but we promise it will be worth the time and gas. The kiwano toxic sludge margarita in all likelihood may be your first introduction to the kiwano fruit. With the flavor having been described as a cross between cucumber, zucchini and kiwi fruit, we can say with certainty it’s going to add a special something to your regular old margarita. None of the old humdrum strawberry or peach margaritas. No, sir. We’re going full exotic with this Halloween cocktail. Tequila, Grand Marnier and lime combine with the juice of the kiwano to create a unique flavor sensation. One taste and you’ll never look at this spiky fruit, or a plain margarita, the same again.

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Candy corn-infused tequila

Halloween just simply would not be the same without a candy corn-themed cocktail. Love it or hate it, candy corn is the officially recognized mascot of Halloween, and this orange-inspired drink may just be your new (or only) favorite way to enjoy the taste of candy corn. This candy corn-infused tequila doesn’t just taste like candy corn, but it actually consists of dissolved candy corn right in each glass. How can you not want to try it? Simply mix the tequila with candy corn and watch it disappear after a couple of days of marinating. When ready to enjoy, simply shake and strain it and enjoy it on the rocks or in a candy corn margarita. We know you want to  go ahead and live a little. If there’s any holiday for doing something a bit scary, this is the one.

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Pumpkin spice mocktail

Yes, we know. At the first sign of fall, pumpkin spice is everywhere. And we couldn’t be happier. If you love it as much as we do, or you just simply need a new way to enjoy this ultimate fall taste, this pumpkin spice mocktail is guaranteed to become a regular addition to your pumpkin spice repertoire of food and drink. This mocktail is scrumptious, a bit like dessert in a glass. Ginger ale, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla come together in a to-die-for combination of pumpkin overload  aka pumpkin heaven. While it is perfect from the first day of fall to the last, you might want to save serving it for a night other than Halloween when taste buds are not already on sweet overload. After all, it deserves its very own spotlight.

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