6 mobile phone apps that are actually perfect for your Easter planning

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Technology certainly makes our lives a little easier, doesn’t it? Need to find a recipe that’ll be loved by a table full of picky eaters? There’s an app for that. Want to keep your littles occupied while you rush around the grocery store picking up last-minute ingredients for your Easter Sunday dinner? Yep, there’s an Easter app for that, too.

Here is our roundup of the top 6 Easter apps to help make your Easter holiday just a little bit easier and a whole lot more fun.

1. Easter Egg Painter

Love getting crafty with the kids, but hate the messy cleanup? We get it. Painting eggs is a fun tradition, but you always end up with paint all over your counters and floors, no matter how careful you are.

This app will let you have all the fun of decorating Easter eggs, virtually, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning paintbrushes and scrubbing stains out of the carpet.

Cost: Free
Good for: Kids aged 4+
Download: iOS


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2. Bible

If you’re a Christian, the Bible app is a great freebie to have on your phone year-round. Not only does it allow you to scan through 1,500+ Bible verses, but you can also use the app to make your own daily devotions and shareable verse art.

Use it this Easter season to brush up on your favorite verses and to introduce your kiddos to the true meaning of Easter. If you love Instagram (who doesn’t?), you can also use it to make some gorgeous Easter-related graphics to post!

Cost: Free
Good for: The whole family
Download: all OS


3. Easter Swap

We’ve all been addicted to a smartphone matching game at some point or another, right? (Looking at you, Candy Crush.) Well, why not add an Easter-themed one to the list?

With this fun Easter swapping app, you connect three or more Easter symbols — eggs, flowers, chicks and bunnies — and burst through chocolate squares as you level up and make your way through the Easter garden. It’s the perfect way to keep yourself (we mean, your kids) entertained while you gobble down all that Easter chocolate.

Cost: Free
Good for: Kids of all ages (that includes you, Mom and Dad)
Download: iOS


4. Pat the Bunny

This digital version of the delightful story Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt is beautiful, engaging and so much fun. It’s perfect for building up some excitement for the Easter Bunny’s arrival.

So much more than a storybook, this interactive app allows your littles to paint the pages themselves. One page even has a “mirror” that uses your phone’s camera — so magical!

Cost: $3.99
Good for: Ages 2+
Download: iOS, Android

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5. Kitchen Stories

While this app is handy to have year-round, it’s particularly great for Easter — especially if you have a dozen or more family members coming over on Easter Sunday and have no idea what to cook for dinner.

Each recipe on this app comes with stunning imagery, helpful videos and step-by-step photo instructions that will show you exactly how to make the dish, even if you’re no Julia Child. Plus, you can use its handy built-in shopping list-maker to make your grocery shopping a breeze.

Cost: Free
Good for: Adults
Download: Most OS


6. TouchNote

Running out of time to go out and buy Easter cards and pop them in the mail? Let this app take care of it all for you. TouchNote has some gorgeous built-in designs that you can use, or you can start from scratch and use your own photos to make something truly personal. Then, send them to your family and friends around the world (all without ever stepping foot in your local post office).

Cost: Free to download, prices for actual cards vary
Good for: Adults (but older kids can get in on the fun)
Download: iOS, Android