The easiest way to make mozzarella cheese from scratch

fresh mozzerella recipe

There’s mozzarella, and then there’s fresh mozzarella. While we can probably agree that both are delicious (really, who doesn’t love mozzarella?), you just can’t beat the just-made stuff — especially if you can say you were the one doing the making.

You might be thinking that making mozzarella sounds like something that should be left to the Giada De Laurentiis’es of the world. In reality, though, mozzarella is an approachable and fun cheese that anyone can make at home. Yes, we called mozzarella fun and approachable, which we realize sounds a little bit like a Tinder bio. It’s true and, chasing that analogy, an activity worth a proverbial right-swipe.

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What’s perhaps even more surprising than the fact we’re clearly crushing on mozzarella cheese is that making it requires only a handful of things. As far as ingredients go, you’ll need:

  • Whole milk
  • Citric acid
  • Rennet (liquid or tab, animal or vegetable — any will work!)
  • Sea salt
  • Distilled water

serving fresh mozzerella with tomatoes

You’ll need a few tools, too. They are:

  • A large mesh strainer
  • Cheesecloth
  • A large stainless steel pot
  • A reliable instant-read thermometer
  • At least two pairs of gloves
  • Slotted spoon and ladle
  • Measuring spoons
  • Measuring cup

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Before you rush out and fill your shopping cart, take note: the most important ingredient here is the milk. You’re going to want to check the label to make sure you choose whole milk that is non-homogenized and that doesn’t say ultra-pasteurized.

What makes this culinary craft even more enjoyable is the fact that, despite actually being rather simple, it’ll make you feel like a culinary genius. Boiling, curdling, straining, molding, stretching — might as well ditch the apron for a lab coat, because you’re about to go straight-up food scientist.