10 gifts for moms who love wine

Gifts for moms who love wine
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If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that moms and wine are a match made in heaven. OK, maybe not all of them, but wine moms have become so popular, even Cersei from Game of Thrones is in on it.

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Whether your mom loves to collect wines, educate herself on new varietals, or she just looks forward to filling up her glass at the end of a long day, we’ve got the gift for her.


Coravin Model One System
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This user-friendly wine contraption allows you to pour out wine without taking the cork out of the bottle. Why would you not want to take out the cork, you ask? This lets you pour a sip, a glass, or more, without having to drink it all at once or let the wine go to waste. The Coravin replaces wine with argon gas, a gas that does not interact with the wine and has no effect on the taste. You can now keep that bottle “open” for weeks or months at a time.

BUY IT! Corvain wine contraption, $165 – Amazon.com

Blind tasting bags

Burnlap WIne Bags
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Ladies night just got a whole lot more fun. These burlap wine bags are the perfect way to take wine tasting to the next level. Your mom will become a pro in no time. Gather 10 bottles, place them in the bag, and try to guess what type of wine you’re drinking.

BUY IT! Oyamihui burlap wine bags, $27 – Amazon.com

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Travel wine cup

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler
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The night has come and it’s time to relax in the Jacuzzi outside. Instead of bringing a fragile wine glass outdoors, why not bring one of these stainless steel wine tumblers? Sturdy, insulated and with an anti-slip grip, these stemless wine tumblers with a lid will be your mom’s new favorite cup.

BUY IT! Gold Armour stainless steel wine tumblers, $12 – Amazon.com

Wine bottle candle

Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candle
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We all know moms love it when the house smells good. So why not fill the room with the delicious aromas of some of her favorite wines? These soy candles are made in repurposed wine bottles, and not only are they a great gift for your mom, but for every candle purchased, a portion of the sales is donated to animal rescue groups. Has your heart melted yet?

BUY IT! Rescued Wine soy candle, $28 – Amazon.com

Wine book

Wine Folly
Photo Credit: Madeline Puckette/Amazon.com

Wine Folly is the master guide to understanding wine. This is the perfect guide for the mom who wants to learn about more than 100 different grape varietals, different regions, flavor profiles and even wine pairings.

BUY IT! Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette, $23 – Amazon.com


Sip Caddy
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Moms are constantly busy cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids, so in those precious moments alone when she gets to bathe in peace, this SipCaddy makes her time even more relaxing. The suction cup holder sticks to the side of the shower for the ultimate relaxation combination: a shower and wine.

BUY IT! SipCaddy bath and shower portable cupholder, $14 – Amazon.com

Oversized wine glass

Oversized Wine Glass
Photo Credit: SCS Direct/Amazon.com

We’ve heard it all before: “I only want one glass.” Problem solved, here’s a glass that holds an entire 750-millilitre bottle of wine. This wine glass will be sure to help your mom unwind and enjoy all the wine she could possibly want.

BUY IT! SCS Direct oversized wine glass, $14 – Amazon.com

Funny coasters

Funny Coasters
Photo Credit: Zumatico/Amazon.com

We all know Mom is going to get mad if there’s a ring of liquid left on the table from our drinking glass. Prevent it from happening while also giving your mom a good laugh with these funny coasters. Even with a little wine stain, she’ll be sure to crack a smile.

BUY IT! Zumatico funny coasters, $15 – Amazon.com

Wine cork monogram holder

Wine Cork Holder
Photo Credit: will’s/Amazon.com

Hold on to your corks! With the help of these metal monogram letters, your mom can now collect all her wine corks as she fills up each letter. Order your mom her initials, or better yet, spell out the word “mom.” Her collection will become a work of art and she’ll have another reason to open up a bottle of wine.

BUY IT! will’s wine cork holder, $20 – Amazon.com

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Crystal champagne coupes

Crystal Champagne
Photo Credit: Schott Zwiesel/Amazon.com

For all the moms who want to channel their inner Jay Gatsby, these crystal champagne coupes are the way to go. Coupes were the first glass champagne was ever served in. Although the wide surface area allows the bubbles to disappear more quickly, it’s just an excuse to drink a little faster while also keeping it classy

BUY IT! Schott Zwiesel crystal champagne coupes, $59 – Amazon.com