Games that will help you learn more about your partner

Couples games
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The first few months of any relationship are undoubtedly the best, right? But in between all the starry-eyed gazes, it’s important to learn more about your new mate, and games are a fun way to accomplish that.

No need to have a closet full of new-age choices to figure out how bae operates either; many of the standbys will work just fine. Here are several of our favorites, all perfect for two players. May the better half win!


There’s no game board necessary for Hive — you can play on the coffee table or even the floor for a casual, cozy night in. Similar to chess but more fun and modern, Hive will help you test your honey’s ability to create an abstract strategy.

Plus, they can make you feel like the queen bee at the same time, so it’s a win-win no matter the outcome.

Games for couples hive board game
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The Metagame

This innovative card game can be played in several different ways, giving you the chance to learn something new about your partner each time.

With hundreds of cards, ranging from deep questions to silly requests, you’ll definitely get to know how your other half’s brain works. Bonus? You can play with just the two of you or in larger groups, should you decide to invite another couple over for the fun one day.

Couples games The Metagame
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Operation is one of our favorites for assessing focus and — surprise! — even anger management. After all, is there anything more infuriating than almost grabbing that wishbone successfully out of the chest and then having the buzzer go off? We didn’t think so.

Couples games Operation
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We Didn’t Playtest This At All

Not the rule-following type? Then you’ll adore this quirky game that has no real rules — just follow the cards and see what happens.

There are multiple ways to win and lose, and no two rounds (much like no two relationships) are exactly the same. A great way to test your partner’s ability to roll with the punches, yeah?

Couples games We Didn't Playtest This At All
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Have you heard of Pig? It’s a simple game of luck that you can play anywhere as long as you have a pair of dice (or these playful “pig dice”), making it an ideal choice for the beach or your favorite bar.

Luck-based games might not seem as important when it comes to learning about your partner, but look at it this way: Luck is part of life. How will your sweetie respond to a streak of bad luck? Find out!

Couples games Throw the Pigs
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Frisbee Golf

No list would be complete without a game that gets your heart rate up. After all, exercise may trigger the release of the “love hormone,” oxytocin. Frisbee Golf is our pick for a fun Saturday pastime to get your blood pumping. It’s less serious than golf and, unlike kickball, it’s easily played with two people.

Couples games Frisbee Golf
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Wit’s End

For lovers of trivia and other “test your knowledge” games, Wit’s End is a dynamic take on a classic. From riddles to trick questions and everything in between, you’ll have a front row seat to how quickly your honey can think on their feet.

Couples games Wit's End
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You can’t get more old-school than Scrabble, and this one tests for a few important qualities in your new flame. For example, are they fair? Do they have a good vocabulary? Is their mind always in the gutter? (We know you hope so.)

Couples games Scrabble
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You can’t go wrong with a good game of Jenga. It takes patience and fine motor skills — two things that you want in your mate, right? Suggest this classic after a delicious dinner for two and see how high the tower can stack before it falls. By writing questions on each block, you can learn more than you’d ever find out creeping your love interest’s Insta feed.

And sure, the “dirty” version where you jot down naughty suggestions on the blocks is fine, too. We totally recommend trying it. Just attempt the classic version first to see if your date-slash-competition merits the follow-up fun!

Couples games Jenga
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