Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace
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If you want to get your “om” on but don’t have the time or the inclination to travel to see the Dalai Lama — or even your local yoga guru — don’t stress.

In fact, stressing would be entirely counterintuitive to your desired state. Instead, focus on the long list of apps and podcasts that can help you unblock your chakras. These self-soothing aids aim to help with anxiety, inner peace and sleep so you can be more Zen and less zonked.

And since the path to enlightenment can get pretty crowded, we saved you a few harried steps by compiling some of our top picks.


Headspace offers meditation and mindfulness exercises for beginners and beyond. So, basically, anyone who wants to advance toward that elusive nirvana frame of mind.

The app features cute pastel-colored animation that immediately takes the edge off any impending meltdowns and walks you through science-backed steps on how to calm down, focus or get in the right mindset for better sleep.

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You can use the product for free, or sign up and pay for their advanced program.

Headspace scores bonus points for including quick two-minute emergency meditations you can do in the supply closet so you don’t freak out on Stacey from Accounting.

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace Headspace
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Colorfy helps reduce your anxiety and hearkens those glory days of childhood when choosing what crayon to use was the toughest decision you’d have to make in a day.

According to Neuroscience News, coloring can help reduce anxiety and stress. And a separate study at the University of West England showed coloring created a sense of mindfulness in participants, which made them more likely to go with the flow.

This app features thousands of pre-made designs (think florals, mandalas and animals), but you can also paint one that you create. You can tweak your design by applying filters and then upload your creation to share it with friends or the Colorfy artist community.

By the time you finish your masterpiece, you won’t even remember what it is that had you so spun out.

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace Colorfy app
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This app tells you it’s going to chill you out right in the name. If you are prone to panic attacks or fits of road rage (and aren’t we all at one point or another?), Calm has got your back.

Not only does it feature guided meditations for those who won’t sit still of their own volition, but it also has features like breathing exercises, guided stretch classes, calming music tracks, sleep sounds and sleep stories.

It’s like an adult version of your mom reading you that fairy-tale at night! Some examples of adult stories available are audio versions of painting with Bob Ross and readings by Stephen Fry.

If you’re into sound effects, this app has that covered, too. Cliché sounds are available here like gentle rain, fire crackling, babbling brooks or crickets (although, raise your hand if crickets have the opposite effect on you).

Free meditations include “kindness” and “forgiveness,” but other potential must-haves like “commute” are only available on the subscription tier.

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace Calm app
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This app is a bit more controversial, in a Big Brother kind of way.

Described as an auto manager of your relationships, Pplkpr (or “people keeper”) monitors your biorhythms via your smartwatch and keeps track of your physical and emotional reactions to certain people in your life during interactions.

If your heart rate drastically changes after seeing someone or receiving a call or text from them, the app alerts you to your changed emotional state. Accordingly, it looks for a trend with that particular person.

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Depending on the emotion that person evokes, Pplkpr recommends you either schedule more time with that person or delete the toxic person from your contact list.

Sure, it may sound a little Black Mirror for your phone to be telling you who to date and who to be friends with, but your mom does it and she doesn’t know your biorhythms, so, really, who is better at giving advice?

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace Pplkpr app
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On Being

On Being is a Peabody award-winning podcast in which each episode is like a jam-packed Ted Talk for your soul.

Host Krista Tippett explores the meaning of human existence — and she’s so good at it that former President Barack Obama awarded her the National Humanities Medal. Tippett is also a best-selling author, and her show combines that knowledge with science and spirituality.

The site for the show has become a hub for creators, social healers, peacemakers, activists, neuroscientists and those who work in different areas of mindfulness, spirituality and personal growth.

Other podcasts available in the hub include Becoming Wise, This Movie Changed Me, and Creating Our Own Lives, which all hope to promote “deep thinking, moral imagination, and joy.”

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Untangle is a podcast connected to the Meditation Studios apps. The thing that makes this podcast unique is that the episodes focus on real people, their specific anxiety issues and why they may need meditation.

This is paired with experts, who give advice on practical issues and weigh in on interesting breakthroughs in metaphysical and spiritual sciences.

One episode interviews a celebrity brain trainer who works with stars like Jim Carrey to help them remember important things (which is crucial if you erase your girlfriend from your memory).

Other topics include meditation for grief, mindfulness about money, controlling anger in relationships, transforming negative body images into positive ones, and banishing your inner critic.

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace Untangle podcast
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The Tapping Solution

This podcast is a companion to the widely popular website, book and method led by Nick Ortner.

EFT tapping, or emotional freedom technique, is a method of tapping on meridian points on the body while repeating a mantra. In theory, this will calm the system, rewire the brain and release old thinking patterns.

According to the website, tapping is based on Chinese acupressure and modern psychology methods.

Some podcast episodes include manifesting your heart’s desire, releasing resistance to exercise, overcoming the fear of flying, attracting money, and curbing cigarette cravings.

Hey, it couldn’t hurt to give it a try! So, let your fingers do the talking and tap your way to happiness.

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace The Tapping Solution podcast
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Sleep Whispers

Sleep Whispers is for all the homies with the hollowed-out, panda bear eyes.

For those who max out their credit cards buying every kind of undereye concealer at Sephora just hoping for a fix.

For those who pace their living room floors until the sun comes up, and then mainline espresso to get through the day.

Insomniacs, it is time to rejoice, because you are about to get some shut-eye.

Described as “whispered readings and ramblings” the podcast includes meditations, poems, stories, Wikipedia articles and other wandering words that drone on until you are safely asleep.

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Imagine a really boring lecture, a long story that goes on seemingly forever and a soothing song, all rolled into one in a whispery voice that is supposed to trigger ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response.

In other words, you will get tingles as you are lulled to sleep. You’ll wake refreshed, calm and ready to take on the day.

Apps and podcasts to help boost your inner peace Sleep whispers podcast
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