The top 2019 fall makeup trends, according to the experts

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It’s nearly time to wave goodbye to summer, to say see you later to your bikini collection, and to store those rompers and sundresses back in the depths of your closet. While this may make you sad, there are perks to the changing weather. New trends are on the horizon, and the 2019 fall makeup trends are going to make you rethink your sadness about the colder weather heading your way.

To get all the details on what’s going to be in for the upcoming fall season, I spoke with Gloss Angeles podcast hosts Sara Tan and Kirbie Johnson to get their predictions on fall makeup trends. Tan, senior west coast fashion and beauty editor at Bustle, and Johnson, beauty reporter and former host of PopSugar, have some thoughts about what’s next in the makeup world, and they were kind enough to share them.

While sure, your sandals, shimmering body oils, and bathing suits may be leaving for a while, there’s still a new world of beauty looks coming at you for fall. Whether you want to rock them all or just try one, it’s time to get adventurous in the new season. Get your shopping lists out, grab a pen to take notes, and let’s dive in to 2019’s fall makeup trends.

1. Glossy, shimmery lids

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For Tan, glossy and shimmery lids are in for fall 2019. Where metallic hues were major last year, there seems to be a shift coming that suggests a softer take on that trend. Tan says, “Instead of full-on glittery glam on the eyes, I think we’re going to see more dewy, shimmery lids. It’s a subtle take on the louder, statement-making metallic eyes we saw last year, but will still make eyes sparkle in a wet, glossy kind of way.” Tan cites the 2019 NYFW Alice + Olivia runway, as well as Chanel Beauty’s latest launches, as proof that fall won’t just be about dewy skin but dewy lids as well.

2. Natural foundation

Where Tan focused on the eyes for her fall makeup prediction, Johnson was more about what’s coming for the complexion. She cites the many foundation launches from major brands as an indicator that complexion will be majorly important for the season. All of the foundations do have something in common, though: They focus on perfecting your natural skin, not masking it. Johnson says, “If summer 2019 was all about foundation launches, fall will be about putting them to good use. Pat McGrath Labs, Urban Decay, Fenty Beauty and Maybelline are just a few brands that released new coverage products in the summer, all focused on helping conceal without taking away your skin’s natural radiance.”

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3. Euphoria-inspired color

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If you think style is the only thing influenced by pop culture, you’d be wrong. One of the biggest hits of the summer television season was HBO’s Euphoria. The series, starring Zendaya, has produced a plethora of bold, brightly colored beauty looks that everyone from YouTube beauty gurus to the everyday person has begun to recreate. With the popularity of the series, you can certainly expect to see neon colors as well as sequins and glitter this fall.

4. Monochromatic looks

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Monochromatic makeup looks are a newly defined trend. Initially, the all-over color trend (basically your eyes, lips and cheeks are all the same shade) began last year thanks to the spring/summer 2018 runway shows. Now, it’s back, but this time, things are a bit more specific. In a round-up from Allure of the 2019 Fall Fashion Week beauty trends, rosy and terracotta shades were the specific monochromatic looks for the cooler weather. Blush, eye shadow and lip shades in these tones are what’s big for fall makeup trends.

5. Reverse contour

There’s also another complexion trend that’s having a resurgence for fall 2019 makeup trends, according to Johnson. Since undetectable foundation coverage is in, reverse contouring is coming back to help you use less foundation. If you’re not familiar with the trend, reverse contouring is kind of what it sounds like. You’ll use the technique in the reverse order that you typically would. You’ll apply your cream contour and highlight products first then use your foundation to seamlessly blend the initial product. The result is a much more natural contour look that requires less foundation since you’ve already laid down a base.

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6. Matte red lips

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Bold lips are nothing new when it comes to fall makeup, but for fall 2019, there’s a particular shade and finish that has popped up on catwalks. According to Harper’s Bazaar, matte red lips were all the rage on runways with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabanne and Helmut Lang. The matte finish was common throughout the shows, but there were variations of red — from bright orange shades to deeper berry reds.

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