What Moms actually want for Mother’s Day (Hint: not flowers)

Gifts collage for Mother's Day
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It’s easy when you’re a mom to fall into the pattern of putting everyone else first. It’s what a mom does, right? We take care of everyone else. At least one day of the year, though, we have to let other people dote on us (no easy feat). But we’ve gotta level with you — not all Mother’s Day gifts are created equal.

In fact, what moms actually want for Mother’s Day and what they typically wind up getting often fall into two very different camps.

Don’t misunderstand; moms are always grateful for any thoughtfulness that goes into this sweet holiday. Still, in the spirit of self-care, it’s important to express how we really feel. Yes, we love you. Of course we’ll smile if you get us an edible arrangement for the fifth year in a row.

But if you really want to wow your mom this Mother’s Day, take some advice from the women who are in the trenches. We took to social media to ask real-life moms to share the Mother’s Day gifts of their dreams.

And you might just be surprised by their responses. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

Some well-deserved R&R

“A day to sleep and do absolutely nothing.” — Quista D.

“A day to myself, for sure.” — Nichelle H.

“A really long nap.” — Sara P.

Creature comforts

“Ferns. A dinner out. Coffee fixed in the morning. And my favorite cinnamon rolls!” — Audrey G.

“I want to go get a massage or a mani-pedi. Something by myself or with my girlfriends. A little tiny break!” — Kasi C.

“A pedicure and dark chocolate, please! Calorie-free preferably, haha.” — Julie K.

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Maid service

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“Someone to clean my house!” — Alison T.

“A clean and organized house.” — Ashley M.

“For my partner to stop sighing every time he gets in my car and just clean it out for me, haha. It’s been a mess since before I got pregnant, and it’s only got worse in the 10 months that have followed.” — Deirdre G.

“A clean house.” — Angel P.

“Someone to come spring clean my house and organize it. Then for my husband and kids to keep it clean for at least one day.” — Christa P.

“A nap and someone else to do the housework.” — Shannon J.

“A clean house, a nap and dinner.” — Becca L.

“A clean and organized house and extra hugs from my kids.” — Jennifer M.

“I would love to have free time, not cleaning time.” — Lisa S.

Quality time with their kids

“As a mother gets older, her wants change. I just want my children to be healthy and happy.” — Cole D.

“Half a day doing something fun with the kids, which includes no fighting, arguing, and everyone having a good time… followed by a trip to the spa that includes a cut, color and facial.” — Abby B.

“A visit. No matter how long or short. The visit could just be a phone call or card… just to be thought of as a mother! Women have so many roles.” — Patti C.

“I want my children to want to spend time with me.” — Penny M.

“Spending time with my daughter while she does her hundreds of hobbies would be number one. Then, her room to be completely cleaned (bed made, clothes in correct drawers and hung where they belong, shoes put up, carpet vacuumed, etc.), and maybe the kitchen being cleaned, too.” — Amy M.

A wish list item

“A new ice maker or a Travel Berkey.” — Tanya B.

“The Ember mug.” — Heather H.

“Two rocking chairs for the porch.” — Karly C.

“A Dyson cordless vacuum.” — Paige M.

An act of service

“Anything that is actually thoughtful, not last minute.” — Misti G.

“Any chore that’s been languishing for far too long (hint hint, husband!) to be completed.” — Anne M.

Some vitamin sea

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“A beautiful day spent on the beach just soaking up the rays of sunshine with no time schedule or responsibilities for one day. And no phone with me!” — Courtney G.

“Beach time with my grown daughters.” — Victoria O.

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A vacation!

“A week in Europe with my other mom friends and no kids!” — Caroline G.

“I want to take a mother-son trip to Boston for a Red Sox game, and I want my husband to pay for all of it, haha. No, but seriously, that would be the best Mother’s Day gift in the world.” — Kelli F.

“A trip to the beach would be pretty nice! Or a van so I can actually fit all of my kids in one vehicle.” — Genesis D.

“A thought-out trip to Myrtle Beach [South Carolina] or Gatlinburg [Tennessee] where my man has the place booked, dinners planned — none of that, ‘What do we want to eat for dinner?’ — something fun planned like mini-golf or a drive-in movie, and some family time. That’s not too much to ask, right?” — Kristina K.

“A surprise getaway with my family. No laundry, no chores, just us and the road.” — Susan P.

“A Disney vacation for the entire family, with everything already planned out so all I have to do is enjoy the happiest place on Earth with my favorite people.” — Kerri M.

What do you want for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!