Last-minute Amazon Prime gifts for dad that are actually good

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So, you did that thing we all do sometimes. You waited until the last minute to get a Father’s Day gift, and now you’re in a panic that you won’t find anything in time. Fortunately for you (and let’s be real, us too), we live in the age of Amazon Prime — there are always last-minute gifts to be found. But would Dad really want them? Nobody wants to be the person who gives their favorite father a consolation prize.

Well, there’s more good news. Not only can you score last-minute gifts for Dad via Amazon Prime, but there are still plenty of good ones. Here are some to toss into your digital cart ASAP.

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Horween leather journal

Whether he actually uses this to record his innermost thoughts or just uses it to jot down random ideas, he’ll appreciate the distinguished look of this vintage-style leather journal.

hoween leather journal
Photo credit: Oleksyn Prannyk/Amazon

Dictionary art print

Not only is this vintage cocktail print super cool, but it’s also refreshingly affordable for a piece of art. If you really want to score brownie points, you could carve out a corner of his man cave for a bar cart and hang this above it.

vintage dictionary art
Photo credit: Vintage Book Art/Amazon

Engraved golf ball markers

He’ll be the happiest dad on the block when you hand him these engraved golf ball markers (“best dad ever,” “better luck next time”) — and tell him he had better head to the golf course to give them a try.

engraved golf ball markers
Photo credit: Georgie Designs/Amazon

Polar Vantage V smart watch

Feeling really guilty about buying his gift at the 11th hour? Maybe a splurge is in order. This high-tech multi-sport fitness watch is waterproof, boasts a heart rate monitor, offers advanced running power and will basically make him feel like the Six Million Dollar Man.


81-2NWZHYNL. SL1500
Photo credit: Polar/Amazon

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Wireless Bluetooth pulse massager

Being a dad can be hard work. Piggyback rides, airplane, swinging kids around in circles, toting around sleepy toddlers — he’s probably got a few sore muscles and body aches. This TENS unit could be just the ticket. It’s light, rechargeable and can be controlled right from his phone.

bluetooth massager
Photo credit: MedZone/Amazon

Hanergy solar backpack

Does your dad love tech almost as much as he enjoys being in the great outdoors? Then he’s gonna flip for this clever backpack. Thanks to high-tech thin film solar panels, two USB and micro-charging ports, and an anti-theft design, he has everything he needs to bring his gadgets along on his next big hike.

hanergy backpack
Photo credit: Hanergy/Amazon

Pelican Ruck R40 case

Dads geek out when they find something indestructible, so you know he’s going to dig this crushproof, dustproof and waterproof personal utility case. He can stash anything he wants inside for safekeeping, giving him peace of mind when he’s on the boat, in the woods or anywhere else.

pelican ruck case
Photo credit: Pelican/Amazon

L’Occitane woody eau de toilette

C’mon, admit it — this is a gift for you just as much as it is for him. Dads typically don’t complain when they get cologne, and you’re definitely not going to complain about his spicy, woody (read: irresistible) scent.

loccitane for men
Photo credit: L’Occitane/Amazon

Magnetic wristband

File this under “simple yet brilliant ideas you wish you’d thought of.” Bonus? He’ll think of you every time he’s in the midst of a DIY project and this magnetic wristband comes in handy.

magnetic wristband
Photo credit: Danslesbls/Amazon

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Wood chip BBQ smoker set

You’ve probably already gifted him grill utensils at least once in the past, right? So, this year, opt instead for this six-piece grill smoking set. He’ll feel like the real master of his domain when the meat he made gets rave reviews for its smoky flavor.

wood chip smoking set
Photo credit: Cooking Gift Set/Amazon