10 Easter fashion ideas that aren’t dresses

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I’ve got big news for you all. Are you ready? You may need to sit down — here it comes! You’re allowed to wear something other than a dress to Easter celebrations. Life. Altering. Statement. I know.

And I also know that if you tell your grandma that, she may choke on her deviled egg. But honestly, the idea really isn’t that blasphemous. We’re living in a time when breaking societal rules and pushing stereotypical boundaries is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. So, why not try to up the ante with your holiday fashion, too?

That’s why I propose we respectfully decline traditional fashion rules for Easter 2019 and let those dresses hang tight in our wardrobes. Instead, this year it’s all about the jumpers, trousers, dressy shorts and, dare I say, co-ords (aka matching two-piece outfits).

Disclaimer: If you’d rather stick to a traditional dress, then, girl, do you. No shame on your fashion game. The number one rule of fashion is anything goes, as long as it makes you feel good.

Alas, here are Easter fashion ideas that I propose you throw on for Easter egg hunts, brunches, dinners — pretty much all the things this year. Oh, and I included what I’m (potentially) planning to wear.


floral printed blazer
Photo credit: TopShop

So, this is what we’ll be wearing every day of spring. Floral dresses may be the dominant Easter style, but with this co-ord suit, you can flip that trend right on its head.

Imagine it now: The big wooden doors fling open. Light spills into the dark candlelit church. Heads turn and there you are, rocking your floral power pantsuit. Who wins Easter? You win Easter. Well, technically Jesus wins Easter, but fashion-wise, it’s definitely you.

Buy the blazer here and the pants here.

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Dressed-up jumpsuit

taupe easter lace jumpsuit
Photo credit: asos

If you’ve got to be all formal for your Easter plans, a more dressed-up jumpsuit like this glorious creation of taupe fabric is the perfect option. (Hey, ASOS, we need one in every color. K, thanks.)

The lace detail is delicate and feminine, and the pleated, flowing pants are perfect for warm weather and leave enough room for that inevitable food baby. Hello, Easter candy and deviled eggs.

Patterned trousers

striped tie front pants easter
Photo credit: Target

How cute are these? A great pair of trousers works for any occasion, but if you’re looking to still embrace a bit of color and pattern for Easter, these striped wide-leg pants are for you. They’re proof that you can just say no to florals (if you want), and still be fashion-forward and Easter festive with another pattern of your choice.

Midi skirt

green floral pleated brush stroke skirt
Photo credit: asos

You may be thinking that a skirt is too similar to a dress to really be considered an alternative, but to you I say poo-poo. Midi-length skirts can be much more versatile than dresses because, well, you get to pick the top.

For example, if you pair this skirt with a T-shirt, you’ve got the perfect casual yet hip look for Easter brunch. I can see JLo wearing it now (and everyone wants to be like JLo, right?). If you’re headed to a religious service, grab a pair of heels and a blouse. The Holy Spirit will approve, too.

Casual romper

Photo credit: Revolve

Having a casual Easter this year? You lucky duck. In that case, go with a comfy romper that just screams “kick your heels off and run barefoot in the grass.” This outfit screams that, right? Or is that just me? Either way, we love the flowing cap sleeves, and — bonus — if you’re too tired from the day’s activities, it looks like it’d be super comfy to sleep in. Just saying.

Colored cigarette pant

cigarette colored ankle pants easter
Photo credit: Target

Perhaps like dresses, patterns just aren’t your thing. And that’s cool. We can work with that. An easy and stylish way to embrace the colorful nature of Easter is with a solid colored pant in a vibrant shade. We’re loving these fuschia cigarette pants, not only for their color and classic style, but also because they’re so easy to dress up or down.

Minimalist jumpsuit

short sleeve minimalist cream colored easter jumpsuit
Photo credit: Target

While there are more dressed-up jumpsuits out there, plenty of more casual looks exist, too. This belted cream utility jumpsuit is ideal if you’ve got more chillaxed plans for Easter. Plus, if patterns or bold colors aren’t really your thing, this jumpsuit is minimal while being on-trend.

Dressed-up shorts

camel colored woven shorts with belt easter
Photo credit: asos

Never underestimate the power of shorts. Especially now. If you’re heading to a lunch with friends or family, or are planning to spend some time outdoors, this belted pair of shorts can easily be dressed up with a pair of wedges and a blouse. Sorry, jeans, you’re on the bench this Easter.

Maxi skirt

yellow floral easter high waister skirt
Photo credit: Express

Just like a midi skirt, maxi skirts have something to offer that dresses don’t. They’re just as customizable as a midi skirt, but thanks to their extra length, these pieces can also be incredibly comfortable and cool if you live in a warmer climate. Plus, how do you not feel like the dancing girl emoji in a maxi skirt? The asymmetrical hem, the bright color — it’s basically an updated take on your fave emoji. Grab your hem and sashay your way down that Easter brunch runway, girl.

Linen pants

blue mid-rise wide-leg easter pants
Photo credit: Old Navy

Cigarette pants and trousers are great, but if you want the height of style and comfort, linen is where it’s at. Not only are wide-leg linen pants the perfect spring staple wardrobe item, but they can be worn to formal or casual events and will always look chic. On top of that, they’re a bit more airy than other pant options, so expect zero swass (if you don’t know what swass is, google it).

So what am I wearing for Easter?

Now, the time has come for me to share what I might be wearing for Easter (because I know you’re all just dying to know). Right now, I have a couple of options, and here’s the kicker — you can call me a traitor if you want to — but I am, in fact, considering a dress. It’s just one option! Sometimes it’s just too hard to say no. Don’t DM me.

Shea Simmons Easter Collage 630x340


My ModCloth x Anna Sui dress is a maxi style, so it’s super comfortable, and seeing as it’s black, it does have that non-traditional flair.


For my second option, I’m going a bit more casual. My partner and I keep things chill for Easter, typically with a brunch outdoors at a restaurant. With that being said, I’m in love with every style of cigarette pants (if you couldn’t already tell) because they’re so versatile. This dressier pair of navy ankle-length pants is different for me. Typically, you’ll find me in a pair of boyfriend jeans (because comfort is life) or jeggings with just a little extra stretch for when I eat too much at brunch. These cigarette pants, while comfortable, are definitely more of a dressed-up option, but I’m totally digging it. To brighten things up for the festive holiday, I’m thinking of wearing an emerald cardigan over a white tank and dressing it down with a pair of flats, not heels or wedges, to complete the look. Because I like easy, and it makes me feel good, which — I hope you’ll remember — is the number one rule of fashion.

The most important thing to remember when choosing what to wear is to be true to your own style and make each holiday outfit your own. You’re beautiful any and every way you are.

Which outfit do you think I should wear for Easter? Let me know and share your Easter looks by tagging @HomeOfTheHolidays or #Holidays365 on Instagram.