Holiday DIY balloon cake toppers are unique & ridiculously cute

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When it comes to cake decor, DIY balloon cake toppers are the best thing since edible glitter – and I never thought it’d get better than that.

Before we get started, I have a confession to make (I promise it has to do with balloon cake toppers): Sometimes, I’m lazy. Yes, I’m the content director at Thanksgiving & Co. Yes, it’s my job to love trying crafts and developing recipes, and usually. I do! But with so many tasks to accomplish in any given day, sometimes I just don’t want to spend hours ensuring that my cupcake presentation is Instagram-worthy. Sorry, Martha: This girl’s got no time for that. 

Insert: the marvelous balloon cake topper. I’m not lying when I say this is the best freaking way to decorate your desserts because it’s so darn easy. On top of that, it’s affordable, creative – and did I already say easy? It’s basically peak-millennial perfection because, you know, we like things to look pretty without putting in too much effort

Ok, enough talking. Let’s get crafting.

Balloon Cake Toppers for Easter

Step 1: Brainstorm balloon messages

To replicate this craft, first decide on some witty phrases that’ll make the balloon toppers pop — in the figurative sense, of course, because popped balloon toppers are no balloon toppers at all.

Step 2: Round up supplies

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Twist and shape balloons (Party City, $2.99)
  • Black alphabet epoxy stickers by Recollections (Michaels, $3.19)
  • Bamboo Skewers (Michaels, $1.61)
  • Scotch Giftwrap Tape (Michaels, $3)

That’s four supplies (aside from the cake or cupcake you already made, or in my case, bought). You’re only out $11 + tax total*, and about 10 minutes per topper.

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Step 3: Blow up the balloons

Blow up the balloons. Use those powerful lungs of yours, or buy a balloon pump for $5.99 at Party City. Even better, Target has them $3.09. Did I mention we’re always looking for the best deals?

The twist-and-shape balloons can be blown up quite long — up to 3 feet. That’s great for other decorative needs, but unless you have a massive cake, just 8 or 9 inches is enough. That means your balloon is going to have a tail — but not for long.

Step 4: Place the alphabet stickers

Place the alphabet epoxy stickers on the balloon to spell out whatever message you want. We’re prepping for Easter, so we chose “You are cool beans,” “Some bunny needs cake” and “Don’t worry, be hoppy.” (Feel free to steal any of those.)

Ordinary stickers don’t permanently stick to latex balloons. That’s where the Scotch tape comes into play. Place your letters exactly where you want them, then measure a piece of tape the length of the word and stick the letters on.

Balloon Cake Toppers

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Step 5: Secure the kabob stick and balloon tail

Cut (or in my impatient-case, break) the kabob sticks to the length you want. Secure the kabob sticks to the back of the balloon with a couple pieces of tape.

Now, get rid of that balloon tail! Fold the extra material and tape it to the back of the balloon and kabob sticks.

You’re done! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Stick the topper into your dessert and move on to whatever else you have to do in your day. No hassle, no fuss — and you still get all the likes on your Instagram feed.

Note: If you want to get more creative, vary the colors, shapes and sizes of the balloons. For example, 5- and 9-inch round balloons also look great.

*Prices are current as of April 2019.

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