Temporary wallpapers to put everywhere because they make us happy

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Whether you have commitment issues or your rental doesn’t allow permanent changes, we have two words for you: temporary wallpaper. Don’t let that tired trope about wallpaper being outdated invade your brain. For starters, wallpaper today can make a space. But also, you have nothing to lose by trying a removable version. Don’t love it? Just swap it for something else!

So, yeah, consider us sold on the whole concept. And in case you need a little extra inspo, we’ve rounded up 14 temporary wallpapers sure to put a smile on your face (for however long you decide to keep ‘em up).

Mermaid print

This whimsical Hygge & West mermaid print would be pure magic in a powder room for the young or the young at heart.

HW T DM001 Mermaids Ocean Room web
Photo credit: Hygge and West

Miley floral pattern

Between the dreamy color palette and the bold romance of its floral print, this “Miley” print paper by Bungalow Rose would make anyone swoon.

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Blue and white leaves

Channel your inner beatnik with this trippy-hippy, bold, blue and white removable wallpaper from WallsNeedLove. Bonus: It’s moisture-resistant and washable, and it features child-safe inks.

PAT-0119-WALP-WP-1 1000x1000
Photo credit: WallsNeedLove

Flamingo print

If you’re craving something quirky yet elegant, look no further. Clarissa Colton’s flamingo-print peel-and-stick wallpaper fits the bill with its bright colors and plucky motif.

Daydream wallpaper tiles

Show us a person whose heart doesn’t soar at the sight of Julia Rothman’s “Daydream” wallpaper tiles, and we’ll show you a person who needs an emergency injection of joy in their life.

Peach-print wallpaper

Any space in dire need of an update would benefit from Urban Outfitters’ peach-print removable wallpaper. It’s sweet without being cartoonish, meaning it could be just the touch you need to give your grown-up place a fresh feel without trying too hard. 

peach wallpaper
Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Impressionist floral wallpaper

For those of us who lack the courage of conviction to put a bold floral on our walls, this impressionist floral wallpaper offers an ideal alternative. Not only is it less intimidating than a standard botanical print, but it’ll also make you feel like you live in an art gallery.

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Make it rain wallpaper

Watercolor-style dots blur together ethereally in this “make it rain” wallpaper that mimics raindrops. In addition to the soft drizzle effect, this paper’s blush and gray hues give it a decidedly feminine feel.

Lunar-print wallpaper

Whether you’re into astronomy or not, you’ll be over the moon for this lunar-print removable wallpaper. It comes in black and white or white and mint, so you can keep it neutral or opt for a colorful pop.

Calypso pineapple paper

Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality — and any guests who cross the threshold of your home will surely feel welcome when your walls rock this impossibly cheerful “Calypso” paper.

Photo credit: Milton and King

Papaya perfection paper

We’re suckers for prints that don’t scream in an obvious way, and WallNeedLove’s “Papaya Perfection” is a prime example. At first glance, you might not realize the pattern features the eponymous fruit. But once you see that you’re looking at a bunch of beautiful papaya, it’s impossible not to grin every time you pass by it.

Agate print

Need to fill your home with good energy? Aside from keeping a few crystals handy, you can try putting a mineral on your walls, too — or at least a temporary wallpaper that looks like one. Our suggestion is Chasing Paper’s vibey agate print.

Opalhouse peacock wallpaper

You might think peacocks plastered on your wall would be too busy, but let us counter your doubts with this peel-and-stick removable wallpaper from Target. Part of the oh-so-dreamy Opalhouse collection, this print manages to be full of character without being fussy.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 3.53.46 PM
Photo credit: Target

Swimmers-print paper

Few things elicit more pure, unadulterated joy than sunny days spent swimming. So, why not make your home feel like an endless summer? You can do just that when you pick up this swim-print temporary paper from WallsNeedLove. It’s sure to make a splash with guests!

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