Dinner and a movie: ‘When Harry Met Sally’

Dinner and a movie When Harry Met Sally menu
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It’s the romantic comedy that even people who don’t like romantic comedies like. It’s the Billy Crystal movie that even people who don’t like Billy Crystal like. It’s the only Meg Ryan movie that’s better than Sleepless in Seattle. Yup, we are watching When Harry Met Sally this weekend — and, yup, we’re going to make a big production out of it. It’s going to be awesome.

Maybe you and your boo are going to snuggle up with food and a flick. Or you’re having all of your book club friends over because no one read the book of the month (again), but everyone still wants to hang out. Hey, maybe it’s just been a minute since you had a good cry.

Whatever the occasion, we have the menu all queued up for a night of this Nora Ephron masterpiece.

Dress the part

This is a great opportunity to play with Sally’s timeless, preppy style, or to wear one of Harry’s chunky ‘80s sweaters paired with pleated denim.

Dinner and a movie When Harry Met Sally menu
Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

If you’re truly committed, though, you’ll wear a T-shirt that says “Don’t f**k with Mr. Zero.”

Get Your When Harry Met Sally On

Before you sit down to philosophize whether men and women can ever really just be friends, you’ve got to get your movie ready.

MOVIE: When Harry Met Sally (Don’t have it? Get it at Amazon or see more options)
RUN TIME: 1 hour, 36 minutes
RATING: R (We guess because of the orgasm scene? Please.)
STARRING: Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, Carrie Fisher, Bruno Kirby

Dinner and a movie: Your When Harry Met Sally menu

And now, for our feature presentation…

Appetizer: Baked pastrami sandwiches

Um, I’ll have what she’s having. In the case of The Wicked Noodle’s Reuben sandwiches (with spicy sriracha Thousand Island, no less!), that’s a taste of New York’s famous delis all in a single bite.

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This finger food will be perfect as your guests settle in and watch one of the most iconic moments in movie history, as Meg Ryan shows that women can be pretty convincing in bed — even when we’re not feeling it.

Dinner and a movie When Harry Met Sally Reuben sandwich from The Wicked Noodle
Photo credit: The Wicked Noodle

Entrée: Easy chicken paprikash

Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash! But there’s just the right amount of spice on this classic Hungarian dish. And Jo Cooks’ easy, healthy version just so happens to also be a crowd-pleaser. Not to mention, it’s an homage to one of the cutest scenes in the movie.

Dinner and a movie When Harry Met Sally easy chicken paprikash
Photo credit: Jo Cooks

Dessert: Individual lattice apple pies

Sally knows best: We like things exactly how we like them. With this individual apple pie recipe, you can make sure all of your guests (if you invited any) get their dessert just how they like it.

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Of course, everyone can decide for themselves whether they want sauce or ice cream on top or on the side.

Dinner and a movie mini apple pies
Photo credit: MakeItGrateful.com

Dessert: Practically perfect pecan pie

If apples aren’t calling your name today — or if you want two different options — we can return to that scene in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and whip up some pecan pie. And since Sally is such a perfectionist, you had better make it a “practically perfect” one.

Dinner and a movie When Harry Met Sally pecan pie
Photo credit: MakeItGrateful.com

Beverage: Smoky Manhattan cocktail

This movie is all about Manhattan. So, why not drink one while you watch?

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Stir and Strain’s mix of whiskey, vermouth and bitters is sophisticated and tastes great, especially with the addition of a couple of cocktail cherries. Cheers to this movie, and cheers to your movie night!

Dinner and a movie When Harry Met Sally Smoky Manhattan from Stir and Strain
Photo credit: Stir and Strain