How to create more happiness in life, according to your sign

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Every person has good days and bad days, regardless of star sign. We all have times in life where we struggle to feel happy and joyful. Astrology can actually be a great tool to help us lead happier lives. By understanding your own star sign, you can find productive ways to pull yourself out of a rut and create happiness when you’re feeling down.


Aries are headstrong and competitive. They want to be the best and brightest and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. When out of whack, they can be stubborn, petty, selfish and impulsive. Happiness can be achieved when they are in pursuit of a passion but don’t become so laser-focused they block out loved ones. It’s a careful balance. If you’re an Aries who’s in a funk, try exercising. Igniting you physical fire will help get you create happiness.


Tauruses are dependable and supportive. Because they are ruled by Venus, they love the finer things in life and appreciate good food, drink, music and entertainment. Tauruses are happiest when their creature comforts are taken care of and they feel secure in their life. But on a bad day, Tauruses can be overly indulgent, lazy, obstinate and cheap. To get out of that rut, cook yourself a delicious meal with high-quality ingredients. Also, any sensual activity will elevate a Taurean’s mood.


Geminis are fun, talkative and energetic. These social butterflies love to make people laugh and have a good time. Their shadow side can be restless, distracted and two-faced, though. When a Gemini is feeling blue, they need to interact and get out. Throw a party or head to a comedy club with some friends to laugh the night away.


Cancers are nurturers and are very protective of friends and family. They’re happiest when surrounded by loved ones and feel especially content when acting as a caretaker and seeing their loved ones happy. When Cancers are unhappy, they will isolate themselves and feel hypersensitive to the world around them. To get out of a funk, reach out to friends or family and do something meaningful together, like making a family dinner or visiting an art museum.


Leos are the lions of the zodiac. They are courageous, loyal and honest. Leos also tend to have a flair for dramatics and love attention. They love to entertain and share their generosity with people around them. Leos are happiest when being showered with affection. If a Leo is having a bad day, though, they can be arrogant, jealous and antagonistic. A Leo can create more happiness in their life by nurturing their creativity. Leos need an outlet for their need to perform, so finding where they shine and allowing time to do that is important for a Leo’s happiness.


Virgos are analytical, smart and helpful. They love to solve problems and give advice. Virgos are happiest when they feel needed and can use their intellectual talents. When out of alignment, though, Virgos can be anxious, stressed and overly critical. To remedy this, Virgos should do a relaxing activity that gets them out of their head, like yoga, taking a long hot bath with soothing essential oils, or reading a page-turning book. Consistent self-care will help a Virgo find more happiness in life.

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Libras are charming, romantic and fair. They are happiest when they feel life is balanced and their relationships are harmonious and loving. In a rut, though, Libras can be indecisive, manipulative and vain. When feeling this way, Libras should lean into their romantic side to find more happiness. Read or write poetry, buy yourself fresh flowers, or have a spontaneous date night with your partner to create happiness and improve your mood.


Scorpios are intense, passionate and protective. They can be mysterious, but they love deeply and fiercely. They love control and investigating things that intrigue them. When out of whack, Scorpios can be obsessive, vengeful and possessive. To create more happiness in their life, Scorpios should face their fears of vulnerability so they can find what they crave, which is intimacy. Opening up to a loved one or therapist will help a Scorpio create more happiness. In a pinch, Scorpios can try journaling or songwriting to explore their emotions.


Sagittariuses are adventurous, enthusiastic and honest. They are happiest when traveling or philosophizing. Independent Sagittariuses yearn to seek knowledge and enlightenment. On a bad day, they can be unreliable, tactless and act like know-it-alls. Sagittariuses need freedom above all else, so anything that taps into this need will help them create happier lives. Going on an adventure is a great way to get out of a rut as a Sagittarius, whether that be backpacking across Europe or a smaller impromptu adventure like exploring a new neighborhood.


Capricorns are the workhorses of the zodiac. They are hardworking, ambitious and dedicated. They’re happiest when they can take the lead on a project and work toward their goals. They embody the ultimate boss energy. They love structure and family life, so happiness can be found in other realms outside of work, too. The shadow side of a Capricorn can be cold, negative and materialistic. To cultivate more happiness in their life, they should spend quality time with their families or work on a lower-stakes project, perhaps a home improvement project or directing a community theater play.


Aquarians are unique, progressive and open-minded. They value intellectual pursuits and can be very altruistic. An Aquarius is happiest when they have a mission bigger than themselves. When they are in a rut, though, they can be detached and self-destructive. When they need to elevate their mood, Aquarians should volunteer and give back to their community or dedicate some time to a cause that matters to them. Happiness can always be found when they are working towards a better world and feel like they are an important member of a group or community.

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Pisces are dreamy people. They have a robust imagination and love to use it. Pisces are also very sensitive, wise, intuitive and caring. Pisces are happiest when expressing their emotions and using their creativity. When they are out of alignment, though, they can be moody, needy and flaky. If a Pisces needs to cultivate more happiness, they should tap into their imagination via a creative outlet like dancing, writing or playing music.

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