11 coffee mugs that speak to the truth about motherhood

Coffee mugs about motherhood
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No matter what day of the year it is, a fundamental truth remains — mom-in’ ain’t easy. Is it rewarding? Of course. Is it filled with joy? Absolutely. Is it a lot? Yep, that too. It’s little wonder that we mothers crave a little caffeine to kick-start our mornings. So, when the one day a year dedicated to moms rolls around and you’re in need of a gift she’ll appreciate, think Mother’s Day coffee mugs.

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The following mugs hilariously capture what it means to be a mom, making them a perfectly cheeky present for the favorite moms in your life. Every time she pours that first (or second, or third — no judgment here) cuppa Joe, the mug’s spot-on message will make her smile.

Mom-ing 101

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Truer words have never been spoken. It doesn’t matter what time it is, what she’s doing, or how much coffee she’s already had in the day. Mothers are tireless and, therefore, will never not need more coffee. Someone put on a fresh pot and pour all the mamas a cup in this adorable mug!

When naps are life

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A person can be tired for many reasons. Maybe they just went for a 5-mile run. Maybe they stayed up way too late binge-watching Game of Thrones. But no matter how tired a person thinks they are, they’ll never know the true depths of fatigue until they’ve walked a proverbial mile in a mother’s shoes. Tired as a mother is truth!

Go back to bed

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Even if you were a morning person prior to having kids, no one’s ever really prepared for being a morning mom. For some inexplicable reason, children wake up at an ungodly hour and expect you to demonstrate things like total cognitive function and coherent speech when you can barely manage to grunt, “No talkie before coffee.”

What moms are made of

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It’s said girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and little boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. As for moms, our composition is a bit more complex — we fill a lot of big roles to make our little humans happy. And some of what makes us tick, well, it’s just for us (ahem, brew maker).

Fill ‘er up

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On the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day coffee mug for the mama who likes to keep it simple and sweet? Try this beautiful pink mug that makes it abundantly clear mama runs on java. By proxy, you’ll also be giving her an excuse to carve out at least 5 minutes of her day for “me time,” so it’s really a win-win.

Say hello to self-care

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Sure, we all liked to hit Target even before we had babies. However, once those kids arrived, Target visits became even more special, and this mug hits home. We relish the chance to walk up and down each aisle, soaking up rare downtime at one of our favorite retailers. For a brief moment, we forget about our looming responsibilities and focus on things like a spring sale on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand collection.

Chaos coordinator

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Moms have a lot of jobs, but first and foremost, they try to keep the daily chaos from spinning out of control. To do that, it takes copious amounts of caffeine. And patience. This stainless steel mug comes in a punchy color, is vacuum insulated and, in addition to being cute, it will get your mama her caffeine fix.

Mommy finger, mommy finger

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This hot pink coffee mug nails exactly what most mommies think when they hear the familiar refrains every time those first few bars of the “Mommy Finger” song start playing. A little edgy? Hey, you need a strong constitution to be a mom.

Quality ingredients

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Curious about what goes into the making of an awesome mom? This clever mug breaks it down for you, and we’ve gotta be honest, these numbers look accurate — especially the percentages of caffeine, unconditional love and wrong answers. Basically, moms are a strong brew.

Hello, my name is…

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The minute you bring kids into this world, you agree to abandon your given moniker in favor of a tiny, yet effective nickname: “Mom.” You’ll hear it so often you’ll (a) forget the name listed on your birth certificate and (b) need another cup of coffee.

Talk about chaos theory

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There are mama bears and then there are mamasauruses — and not even Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and team a of semi-tame velociraptors can save the unfortunate soul who dares to cross a mamasaurus protecting her young. As this mug so aptly points out, such behavior would only get “jurasskicked.” (C’mon, how fun are dinosaur puns?)