4 Last-minute Halloween costume hacks

halloween costume hacks

Halloween weekend — we love it, we hate it, we want to celebrate it anyway. Whether you were born for the holiday or lean toward participating strictly out of FOMO, sometimes we find that the big day creeps up on us and we’re at a loss for what Halloween costume to wear.

If you’re anything like me, last-minute costumes are an accidental tradition at this point, and I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at coming up with ideas on the spot. That said, here are four, quick and easy Halloween costume you can pull straight from your closet.

1. Fashion victim

Find the craziest thing in your closet, your sister’s closet, your mom’s closet, anyone’s closet, because when it comes to fashion, sometimes more is more. So in order to achieve the fashion victim look, find pieces that reflect major trends of the season. I went with a floral dress that has major sleeves with chunky dad sneakers and a bedazzled clutch. What’s great about this Halloween costume is you have an excuse to wear the one thing in your closet that maybe feels like “too much” to wear on any other day outside of a themed occasion.

halloween costume hack fashion victim

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2. Woodstock girl

Think ‘70s dream girl. Bell bottoms, printed blouses, oversized sunnies and clogs — and don’t forget the classic straight with middle-part hairstyle. Make sure your blouse is a relaxed cut and tucked in to really seal the deal. Or if bell bottoms or flared pants aren’t you thing, swap them out for a shift dress.

halloween costume hack woodstock

3. The Bachelorette

This has to be one of my top choices for Halloween costumes. We all have at least one formal dress. Maybe you still have your prom dress lying around. Whatever the case, find a cocktail dress or even a gown — whichever you’re most comfortable in — throw on some heels and find a rose to hold onto for the night. Before you know it, you’ll be getting a call from Chris Harrison followed by 30 men who will definitely accept your rose.

halloween costume hack bachelorette

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4. Biker chick

This costume is honestly an extension of the person I wish I was. As someone who grew up in suburbia and can’t even ride a bicycle, it’s safe to say I will never have the street cred to be a biker chick. But to obtain the look? Easy. Find a moto leather jacket, a graphic tee (bonus points if the graphic tee is a concert T-shirt), black bottoms (a skirt, leggings or pants will work), and complete the look with booties.

halloween costume hack biker

Just like that, your costume is ready for the night.

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