Haunt your Halloween with this easy & adorable black cat wreath Halloween craft

Looking for a Halloween decoration that strikes just the right balance of cute and creepy? Make an adorable black cat wreath, inspired by Shaken Together. It’s a quick and simple craft project that is purrrrfect for your autumn and Halloween decor.

Wreaths are a wonderful craft project because they are quick, require inexpensive supplies, and are simple enough for anyone to make. If you can hold a hot-glue gun, you can make an eye-catching wreath! If you’re nervous about using hot glue, low-temp hot-glue guns work well (and are a better option for crafty kids, as long as used with adult supervision).

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The supplies are easy to find: Pick up all the things you need for the black cat wreath at the dollar store or your local craft store. Don’t forget to look in your own craft closet or donations bin for supplies too. Once you have your supplies gathered (and the hot-glue gun is heated up), this craft project comes together quickly. It should take you about 15 minutes or less to create this kitty wreath.

If you are “feline” extra creative, you can also add embellishments to the wreath, such as Halloween accents (like a tiny witch hat), black rhinestones, or pompoms. Don’t be afraid to make this wreath just the way you like it.

When your wreath is finished, hang it on your front door, inside your home as an addition to your Halloween decor, or take it to work to decorate your cubicle or office. This sweet wreath is also a fun neighbor gift, or have your kiddos make the wreath and bring it to school as a gift for their teacher.

A black cat wreath is a great decoration for late autumn and Halloween, but if you make this wreath in other colors, you can have cat wreaths for any occasion. Where are my crazy cat ladies at? Try a white cat wreath with a turquoise ribbon for winter, an orange cat wreath with a pink ribbon for summer, or make a wreath inspired by your own cat’s coloring for a truly unique home decor accent.

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Begin with a styrofoam wreath form

Place a dot of hot glue on the backside.

Begin with styrofoam wreath form

Begin wrapping the styrofoam wreath form

Press one end of black ribbon to the hot glue. Begin wrapping the entire wreath with ribbon. Cover it completely.

Begin wrapping styrofoam wreath form

Secure the end of the black ribbon for the black cat wreath

Once finished wrapping, place a dot of hot glue at the end of the black ribbon and press onto the wreath form.

Secure end of black ribbon for Black cat wreath

Cut ears from felt

Next, glue cut ears to the back of the styrofoam wreath form.

Cut ears from felt

Add whiskers to your black cat wreath

Glue 3 pipe cleaner whiskers to each side of the wreath.

Add whiskers to Black cat wreath

Secure a ribbon for hanging

Tie a knot in orange ribbon around the wreath at the top center.

Secure ribbon for hanging

Liven up your front porch with this festive and spooky wreath!

Liven up your front porch with this festive and spooky wreath!

So simple and easy to do!

So simple and easy to do

Such cute detail!

Such cute detail!


  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Black ribbon
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • Black felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Orange ribbon to hang


  1. Place dot of glue on back of wreath form.
  2. Press ribbon end on the glue.
  3. Begin wrapping black ribbon around the wreath form to cover entire wreath.
  4. After entire wreath is wrapped, secure the other end of ribbon with hot glue to the back of the wreath.
  5. Fold felt sheet in half and cut out ears for the cat. You should have 2 identical ears by folding the felt in half.
  6. Glue ears to the top of the wreath.
  7. Flip wreath to the back side.
  8. Glue 3 identical sized pipe cleaners to the back of each side of the wreath form as whiskers.
  9. Cut a piece of orange ribbon approximately 16 inches long.
  10. Tie orange ribbon to the top of the black cat wreath to hang.