This DIY Halloween costume is unbelieva-bubble

final bubble costume with wand

Truth be told, I’m one of those people who start planning their Halloween costumes in June. I should clarify: It’s not just one costume; most years, I make three. Typically, they center on favorite objects and themes. One year, I was chicken and waffles. On that theory, you’re never too old to enjoy bubbles, follow along below to learn how I made a whimsical bubble bottle costume out of my favorite costume materials.

Bubble costume tips and tricks

One of my favorite materials for costumes is felt. The bright hues and the sturdiness create great shapes for costumes, and it’s pretty cheap! Another costume hack: Thrift-store items. You can get pieces for cheap, and cut them up and/or glue them and not feel guilty. 

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  • Pink dress
  • Pink, blue, yellow and white felt
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic ornaments 
  • Glue gun
  • Magic bubbles stencil 
  • Scissors

magic bubbles costume materials


Step 1

Create the letters. Custom lettering can be tricky. My favorite hack is to print out a computer image and tape it on top of what I want to cut out. In this case, I taped it onto white felt and cut out the letters at the same time. Tape is your friend to make sure your computer printout stays in the correct spot. 

magic bubbles costume lettering

Step 2

Place the cutout letters on top of another piece of felt. Glue in place. 

magic bubbles letting on felt

Step 3

Cut out around the letters to create a bubble-like shape. Feel free to get creative here. This piece is the label of the bubble bottle. I added a stripe to the top and bottom of the label and circle bubbles on both sides of the text.

magic bubbles felt costume piece

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Step 4

Hot-glue the felt label on the front of the dress. I had the piece start below the bust and end at the hips. The label is on only the front side so the fabric can stretch. If your dress is a looser fit or has a zipper, then you can create a label that wraps around the whole bodice. 

magic bubbles on dress costume

Step 5

Finish off your bubble costume with “bubbles.” Glue plastic ornaments along the neckline. This pack of ornaments from Amazon comes in various sizes and makes the bubbles look realistic. bubble costume with ornaments

Step 6

Create your bubble wand. Use a bowl and a mug to create three circles stacked on top of each other. Cut out the outside perimeter of the three circles and then the inside of the three circles.

bubble costume mark circles

Step 7

Attach a cardboard handle to the three circles. Then, cover with felt. Bubble wand magic! 

bubble costume wand