Print these Friendsgiving adult coloring pages, because LOL

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The last thing you want when you host Friendsgiving at your house is to realize your guests are bored out of their proverbial gourds. How could this have happened? Could you have done more to prepare? Will your name go down in your social circle’s history as the one who ruined Friendsgiving?! Not with these Friendsgiving adult coloring pages!

Get ahold of yourself, mate. All is not lost. Not only do we have a solution for beating boredom, but it just so happens to also be an elicitor of hilarity. A lord of LOLs. The guru of giggle-fits. By now, you’re probably thinking we’re being turkeys for not telling you, so here goes: adult coloring.

Of course we’re serious and, even better, we whipped up a few pages for you to pass out at your Friendsgiving party. You’ll need to supply the crayons and booze, naturally, both of which are sure to make this little activity even more fun.

3 cheers to that

Nothing beats a good pun, especially when it manages to combine a turkey baster and getting hopelessly snockered. Your besties will have a blast making this festive page their own! Just don’t forget to be responsible — if anyone does, in fact, get basted, call an Uber or insist they crash on your couch.

Friendsgiving adult coloring pages let's get basted
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Wine etiquette 101

We’re all friends here, right? Why bother with a wine glass? Heck, depending on how much of a hot mess the Friendsgiving host is, they may not even have extras on hand for the rest of you. Don’t let it ruin your night. Instead, just tilt your head back and pour that nectar of the gods right down your gullet.

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Friendsgiving adult coloring pages wine dos and donts
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One side of beefcake, please

Two more magical words have rarely been uttered than “hey, girl.” Since it’s basically a law of nature that Ryan Gosling makes everything better, we figured a coloring page of his most meme-d expression would distract guests well in the event of any kitchen mishaps.

Friendsgiving adult coloring pages Ryan Gosling hey girl
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There’s no shame in our game

If you’re anything like Joey Tribbiani, you’ve already got your stretchy pants set aside in anticipation of a robust Friendsgiving meal. Sweatpants, yoga pants, maternity pants — do what you must. This is a judgment-free zone. Because somewhere out there, we’ll be devouring mashed potatoes and gravy in pants with more bounce-back than a trampoline.

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Let’s talk turkey

Whether you’re a vegan or fully intend to have the meat sweats by night’s end, you’re gonna find this page funny. In fact, anyone with a slightly wicked sense of humor will get a kick out of coloring in this pair of grateful turkeys.

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If you’re feeling particularly extra, you can add a few of your own adult coloring page designs to the mix and turn the entire collection into take-home books for your friends. A little swag never hurt anybody, right?

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