Fabulous fabric-covered flowerpots

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

These adorable DIY fabric-covered flowerpots, inspired by Homemade Interest, make a truly thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday — or, really, for anyone on any occasion. After all, while a gift of flowers always puts a smile on the lucky recipient’s face, she’ll get to enjoy them only for a week or so before they begin looking droopy and she’ll have to toss them. Instead, give someone special a gift that will keep on giving! They’re easy to make, and affordable, too.

She’ll be able to grow her favorite flowers, herbs or other plants in this flowerpot all year around. It makes for a spot of cheer on the deck, a cute container for a kitchen herb garden, or a one-of-a-kind way to tuck some green into a bare corner of the house. (No green thumb? Fill the pots with some artificial greenery or flowers instead.)

You can find terracotta pots at any garden or craft store at very reasonable prices and in a variety of sizes. Some advice from experience: Buy more than one pot, because you’re going to love the finished product so much that you’ll want to make it again and again.

While you’re stocking up on your supplies, be sure to grab some Mod Podge, a foam brush, sequined trim or ribbon, and a few small rocks. Of course, you’ll need a plant and potting soil, too — unless you’re going the artificial route, in which case you’ll need a small bouquet or bunch of greenery, and a styrofoam block or floral foam that will fit into your pot (both of which you can easily trim to fit).

If you are a regular crafter, you might have leftover fabric pieces put away for just this type of project. These scraps are exactly what you need to plan your design. If you don’t have any on hand, visit a fabric store and check out the scraps and swatches. Be creative: Mix and match colors, patterns, even fabrics. Stripes and solids, polka dots, zigzag — the choices are limited only by your sense of style and fun!

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Take a look at the supplies you will need for this craft project

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - terracotta pot on table with brush and floral fabric paint brush

Putting Mod Podge on the pot to prepare the surface

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - applying mod podge to terracotta pot

Begin to place the fabric on the pot

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - applying floral fabric to terracotta pot

Add a second layer of Mod Podge

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - applying a second layer of mod podge to back of terracotta pot

Cut off the excess fabric to make a nice fit

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - cutting excess floral fabric

Finish applying the fabric all the way around

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - finish applying floral fabric to terracotta pot

Spread some podge on the bottom to help secure the fabric

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - applying mod podge to the bottom of a terracotta pot

Press firmly to make sure the fabric stays put on the bottom of the pot

 Fabric Covered Flower Pot - pressing firmly on floral pattern on the bottom of a terracotta pot

Trim off any extra fabric

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - cutting floral pattern excess off

Add mod podge along the top edge of fabric

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - applying mod podge to the interior of the terracotta pot

Firmly press down the fabric to cover the inside edge of the pot

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - firmly pressing fabric to inside of terracotta pot

Now, add a last layer of mod podge to the pot

Fabric Covered Flower Pot - applying last layer of mod podge to fabric wrapped terracotta pot

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

Enjoy your beautiful finished fabric-covered flowerpot!

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

Here’s the crafty flowerpot in a cute yellow fabric

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

Try a green polka-dot fabric for some fun

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

Put them all together, and you have a gorgeous display!

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

Here’s a closeup of the flowerpot

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

These fabric-covered pots make a gorgeous gift for friends, family, teachers & neighbors!

Fabric Covered Flower Pot

How to make these fabric-covered flowerpots

Materials for each pot:

  • Terracotta pot
  • Fabric
  • Trim — ribbon, sequin, lace, buttons, etc.
  • Mod Podge
  • Styrofoam block
  • Artificial flowers
  • Foam brush
  • Craft paint


  1. Measure the fabric to the pot, leaving an inch of fabric over both the top and bottom.
  2. Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to one side of the pot and begin wrapping the pot with fabric.
  3. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire pot on all sides.
  4. Turn the pot upside down and apply Mod Podge to the bottom.
  5. Press fabric to the bottom of the pot and smooth it out.
  6. Brush Mod Podge on the top rim and inside the pot.
  7. Cut two or three slits in the fabric at the top to help it bend neatly around the opening and prevent it from bunching up.
  8. Apply another layer of Mod Podge around the entire outside of the pot.

Prep the pots

If you’re using real plants, spray the inside and outside of the pot with acrylic sealer to make it waterproof. This will prevent water from leaching through the pot and creating water bubbles in the fabric.

Also, consider painting the pot white before you apply the fabric. This way, the dark color of the terracotta won’t show through if you use a light-colored fabric. Let the paint dry completely before applying the fabric.

Wrap the fabric and trim

You can cut the fabric to wrap around the pot, or you can cut it into strips and glue each vertically around it, overlapping slightly until the pot is completely covered. If you’re using fabrics with different patterns, cutting them into strips is a great way to create an alternating design.

Once the pot is covered, finish it off by adding a little extra pizzazz to the rim. Think sequined ribbon or a touch of lace for a bit of elegance. Or, wrap some twine around the rim and maybe glue a unique button to the center. You might even paint the rim in a color that complements the fabric.

Add the greenery

For a live plant: Before potting, place small rocks at the bottom of the pot to allow water to drain easily. Fill in the gaps with some more potting soil.

For an artificial plant or flowers: Trim the foam or styrofoam block to fit into the pot and use it to hold them in place. When you’re satisfied with your arrangement, fill the pot with rocks or fake moss for the finished look.

Fabric Covered Flower PotFabric Covered Flower Pot