7 spaghetti recipes that will thrill your tastebuds

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Even though there are dozens of different types of pasta out there, the humble spaghetti noodle is the one that consistently rates among the most popular foods in the world.

Historians tell us that these long noodles have likely been around since 12th-century Sicily, but they only became wildly popular when spaghetti factories sprung up some 700 years later. That kind of mass production meant everyone could make and enjoy the tasty pasta strings without much effort, and recipes proliferated.

National Spaghetti Day is January fourth each year — though, of course, many folks would say that every day is a good day for a plate of spag. In honor of that event, we picked out seven different delicious spaghetti recipes just for you. While no one needs a special occasion to serve spaghetti, here are a few delicious takes on this noodle you might want to try!

Spaghetti carbonara

A fantastic pasta dish doesn’t have to be made with tomato sauce! Take this spaghetti carbonara recipe from Budget Bytes, for instance. Garlic, bacon, eggs and Parmesan cheese make this spaghetti dish tasty and affordable.

Spaghetti carbonara
Photo credit: Budget Bytes

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Baked spaghetti pie

Grab a pie dish and create this baked spaghetti pie from Divas Can Cook. Combine the spaghetti with a four-cheese mixture, add the sauce, and bake it so that you can dish it out like your favorite dessert.

Photo credit: Divas Can Cook

Million-dollar spaghetti

Have you ever had spaghetti that tastes like a million bucks? If not, you’ve never tried this million-dollar spaghetti recipe from Sugar Apron. The spaghetti, sauce, beef and cream cheese mixture makes this dish worthy of the top prize.

Million dollar spaghetti
Photo credit: Sugar Apron

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Creamy four-cheese spaghetti

This creamy four-cheese spaghetti from Yellow Bliss Road is the perfect alternative to the usual tomato sauce and pasta. Garlic mixed with Parmesan, Romano, cream cheese and mozzarella make this dish a deliciously creamy, easy option for fast weeknight dinners.

Creamy, four cheese spaghetti
Photo credit: Yellow Bliss Road

Tomato, spinach and chicken spaghetti

For a lighter, healthier pasta dish, try this tomato, spinach and chicken spaghetti from Julia’s Album. It’s light on sauce but rich with spinach and chicken — a great option for those who love the long, skinny noodles but not all the calories.

Tomato, spinach and chicken spaghetti
Photo credit: Julia’s Album

Creamy garlic, herb and mushroom spaghetti

This creamy garlic, herb and mushroom spaghetti by Pinch of Yum is another healthier alternative to one of America’s favorite comfort foods. Mushrooms soaked in creamy garlic and herbs will make this dish one your family will ask for again and again.

Creamy garlic, herb and mushroom spaghetti
Photo credit: Pinch of Yum

Taco spaghetti

Can’t decide between Mexican and Italian for dinner? Have both with this taco spaghetti recipe from Certified Pastry Aficionado. Taco-seasoned beef and all your favorite Mexican toppings make this spaghetti dish unique and delicious.

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Taco spaghetti
Photo credit: Certified Pastry Aficionado