Matching 4th of July outfits for you & your dog

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If you’re a dog mom or dog dad, there’s a good chance that you’ve done some embarrassing things with your pet. You probably tell them goodbye every day when you head out the door. You may even have a pet camera and microphone set up so you can talk to and see them throughout the day. Of course, there are the moments when you have a full-on conversation with your precious pupper. Others may think you’re weird, but we dog people, we understand. We get you.

That’s why we understand the need to dress your dog in silly outfits like sweaters and costumes and graphic tees. The other thing we totally get? Matching with your dog for the holidays. Just think about the potential Instagram moments! With the Fourth of July on the way and a plethora of summertime pool parties coming, now is definitely the time to take your love for your pet to the streets. By streets, we mean your clothes. After all, you’re a dog parent. If real parents can wear matching gingham ensembles with their kids for Easter, you should be able to strap you and your doggo into matching American flag ensembles.

If you’re just obsessed enough with your dog to wear matching dog outfits for summer or want to pull them out for a special occasion, like the Fourth of July, we’ve got you covered with some of the best options out there.

1. Red, white and blue arrows

Photo credit: BarkRangers/Etsy

A pocket tee, a fun patriotic pattern and a good price? Yes, sign me up for the matching ensemble. Plus, if you want something that’s just patriotic enough to not be over the top, this is your outfit.

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2. Character inspiration

Photo credit: Torrid; Petco

This summer has been all about Avengers: Endgame, but just because the film has already had its premiere, doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to another major summer blockbuster: Captain Marvel. Sure, Captain America may literally be named Captain America, but Captain Marvel is also an American hero, too, damn it. Wear a Captain Marvel shirt or dress and pick up a matching dog shirt at Petco.

3. Summertime fruity fun

Photo credit: Dog Threads x Squad Style

While hotdogs and beer may be summer staples, don’t forget about your summer fruits. Piña coladas, anyone? Banana daiquiris? These ultra-cute banana print shirts for your doggie fam are great for the entire summer, not just a holiday.

4. American flag bonanza

Photo credit: PetSmart

If you want to be totally on the nose for the Fourth of July, there’s no better way to do that than basically draping yourself in the American flag. This ultra on-point American flag button-up and puppy tee are a dad and doggo match made in patriotic heaven.

5. Perfect personalization

Photo credit: MissSally/Etsy

Here’s the great thing about these matching tees for you and your pet: You can personalize them. Let’s be honest, we’ve all got weird nicknames for our dogs. Whether you call them Mr. Taco Pants or Mrs. Short Snout, you can put it on this T-shirt.

6. Palm tree print

Photo credit: Dog Threads x Squad Style

Does it get more summer than a palm tree print? I didn’t think so. Grab one of these tees for you and your pet, and maybe also grab a margarita and pretend you’re both on an island somewhere during your next summer Friday at work.

7. Fourth of July bandanas

Photo credit: UniqueDogBoutique/Etsy

If subtlety is more your thing, then these adorable matching bandanas are probably much more up your alley. Sure, they don’t scream “‘Merica,” but sometimes that’s OK. A subtle patriot is still a puppy patriot.

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8. Americana apparel

Photo credit: Target

For humans, absolutely nothing screams the Fourth of July like Old Navy flag tees. If you didn’t wear one of these in middle school, who even are you? Now, you can grab one for yourself and drape your pooch in this Uncle Sam costume to match.

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