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CBD can be found in a multitude of snacks and candy, from wine to gummies, protein powders to dried fruits, and is frequently added to food and drink, like in this oh-so-delicious and perfect-for-summer CBD-infused vanilla ice cream.

A Google search of “CBD products” will pull up more sites than you have the time or energy to navigate through, and you’ll be tempted to just click “purchase” on the first site or two that you see.

However, before you buy CBD snacks and candy online, it’s important to know that it is still largely unregulated by the FDA, and independent research has found many sites to be less than honest about the quality of their products, with many containing less CBD than advertised — some actually containing none at all — and others with high levels of pesticides and other undesirable ingredients. Without doing the research into reputable sites, you can end up wasting money, not reaping the desired benefits and possibly even ingesting dangerous products.

So to help aid you in the search, here are some sites that have been found to be reputable and offer high-quality CBD snacks you can trust.

Healthy Hemp Outlet

This site offers products across the CBD spectrum, including hemp flower CBD berry wine and CBD gummies.  Upon visiting this site, one of the first things you’ll notice is that, under the heading “More,” it provides its official COA, or Certificate of Analysis, which is third-party testing to determine ingredients and potency. Not all sites provide this information — a definite red flag. This site also provides valuable information on the multitude of uses for CBD, a dosing guide, informative videos and a blog filled with great articles on all things CBD-related. It also gets outstanding reviews from its users for providing customer service that can be invaluable when you buy CBD online.

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CBD Store

If you prefer oils, soft gels and lotions along with your CBD snacks like coffee and mango chocolates, this is a great site for you. It offers over 30 brands from which to choose — perfect for finding your favorite or trying a variety. It also states that the majority of the manufacturers on its site offer their third-party testing results — again, important! You can find links to a great deal of information regarding the use of CBD, including a beginner’s guide for us newbies.

Discover CBD

At the risk of sounding repetitive, product transparency is huge and all of the products on this site will have third-party test results verifying the actual contents in the bottle. As with the other sites, they have a variety of CBD snacks — including CBD honey and tea — but their specialty, and most popular products, are their tinctures. These can be applied directly under the tongue for fast absorption or placed into drinks of any kind. These tinctures are “broad spectrum” products, meaning they contain everything you would find in the hemp plant, minus the THC.

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Another of their most popular products is their 99 percent pure CBD isolate. This is pure CBD in powder form and can be used in a variety of ways, from bath bombs to lotions and other skincare products. They also have a handy page of CBD isolate recipes and suggestions for use.

CBD Outlet Online

The products offered on this site have no GMOs, pesticides or herbicides, are lab-tested, certified full-spectrum hemp, and many are organically grown. As with the other sites, this site offers a large variety of products and brands from which to choose. Gummies are one of their most popular items, but they also offer fun products like CBD dried fruit, CBD flavored honey sticks and CBD gummy rainbow ribbons.

Other sites

If you chose to peruse other sites, here are some things to keep in mind and look for when exploring products:

  • Verify the products have been tested by a third-party, accredited lab.
  • The maximum amount of THC a product is allowed to contain — depending on the state in which you live — is 0.3 percent to 0.5 percent, so be sure the products you purchase contain less than the percentage legal in your state.
  • The ingredients in each product should be listed and should be pesticide-free, hopefully organic, and all-natural. If there is a long list of ingredients you don’t recognize, do some research before buying.
  • Know what type of CBD is being used in the product — full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate — know which is legal in your state, and have an understanding of which will best meet your needs.
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction is the safest way to extract CBD, so CBD extracted in this matter should form part of your requirements.
  • Know the amount of CBD in each dosage of the product so you can determine if it’s the right choice for your lifestyle.
  • Conduct a quick Google search to help verify the reputation of each company/brand.

The more informed you are about buying CBD online, the better the decisions you can make for yourself and your health.

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