Instant Pot diet: How people lose weight using their pressure cooker


It can be so hard to lose weight when you live a busy lifestyle. Everyday commitments to work, family and other priorities leave little time for meal prep and cooking. Turning to takeout or convenience foods is super tempting when in a time crunch, but if you had a tool to make it faster and easier, wouldn’t you use it? Well then — BINGO! The Instant Pot diet can help you do just that.

If you have yet to be properly introduced to the Instant Pot, today is your lucky day. Pressure cooking saves so much time that you can actually enjoy a home-cooked meal, rather than ordering another pizza. Instant Pot weight loss is a thing, and a big part of the reason why it’s happening is that it’s difficult to rationalize poor nutritional choices when you have such a great cooking tool at your disposal — as well as a huge online library of pressure cooker recipes for weight loss and healthy eating.

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Blogger and author Brittany Williams lost over 100 pounds on an “Instant Pot diet.” She lost 46 of it in three months, she says, because of how much more aware she became of what she was putting into her body.

“I needed a tool to help me make healthy dinners fast,” says Williams, author of The Instant Loss Cookbook. “If healthy eating was going to be a sustainable lifestyle choice for our family, I knew I needed something to help make it just as convenient as prepackaged, processed, ready-made meals.”

“I literally cooked the weight away!” says Williams on her blog. ”No gym memberships or formal exercise — just eating food from the earth prepared in my kitchen.”

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Williams now runs Instant Loss, where she coaches others to achieve the same weight loss. The site is full of pressure cooker recipes to lose weight.

The ease and convenience of the Instant Pot means people cook more and eat takeout less, (which saves them money). There’s less temptation to snack on unhealthy foods and portioning is simple and easy. Homemade spaghetti sauce over zoodles is a far healthier meal than a large cheese pizza, for example, and it will probably be ready and on the table quicker too. Instant Pot weight loss comes from using the pot to make healthy food choices and create nutritious dishes.healthy-instant-pot