7 Home gym equipment gift ideas (or to keep for yourself)

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In a perfect world, we’d all have the time and money to attend daily classes at trendy fitness studios. But because of demanding work schedules, family commitments, social obligations and, of course, financial restraints, that just isn’t a possibility. Luckily, there is a variety of home gym equipment pieces that make getting a workout in, whether at home or at the office, incredibly easy, convenient and surprisingly more affordable than a gym membership.

Here are the latest and greatest exercise gadgets, equipment, balls, bikes and bags that will help you achieve all of your fitness goals — and also make for great holiday gifting ideas.

1. Kingsmith WalkingPad A1

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a treadmill so compact that it could fit right under your work desk? Well, there is and it’s called the WalkingPad. The $499 portable walking treadmill connects to an app and can track every step, calorie burned, distance covered, speed and time. It also comes with a remote control, so you can easily speed up and slow down. The 62-pound device is designed for brisk walking, and it’s perfect for squeezing a quick workout in during your lunch break.

2. P.volve

Bethenny Frankel and Vanessa Hudgens are fans of this home gym equipment brand that offers two totally portable key pieces for a full-body workout. Celebrity trainer Stephen Pasterino created P.volve, which comprises slow and controlled sculpting movements using three core components: their P.ball, P.3trainer and P.band to transform the body without stressing or bulking your muscles. No squats, lunges or crunches required! The moves replicate functional everyday motions to enhance your life and day-to-day activities, including stepping patterns, elongated reaches, glute activation and stretch-inspired moves. Workouts can be done with the help of P.volve’s online streaming platform or on the app. Each piece retails for under $70 and items can be purchased as a set.

3. Echelon

OK, so everyone and their mother knows about Peloton — it seems to be everywhere these days. However, if you can’t afford to invest over $2,000 on a cycling bike (plus the monthly membership fee), you might want to check out the more affordable option: the Echelon. These stationary bikes start at less than $800. The main difference between an Echelon and a Peloton is that Echelon’s Connect Bikes don’t come with an oversized screen. Instead, you can stream the interactive workouts on your phone or tablet (there is a secure holder on the bike) or on a television. If you prefer Peloton classes, you can even use the Echelon with the Peloton app.

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4. The DB Method

The DB Method is one those why-didn’t-anyone-invent-this-before sort of home gym equipment gadgets that we’ve all been missing out on. It’s basically a relatively compact at-home squat machine that makes working out your backside easy, safe and even fun. While its main goal is toning your bum, you can also work out other body parts, including arms and abs. There are tons of videos to guide you through full-body workouts using the equipment, and most are less than 10 minutes. In just a few minutes a day, you can literally tone your entire body, and you will definitely feel the burn. And it only costs $229.

5. TRX Home2 System

This at-home workout system basically makes a gym membership optional, as it includes everything you need to work out your entire body. Featuring the brand’s newest suspension trainer with adjustable foot cradles — that can be hooked up to anything from your loft rafters to a tree — you can stream suspension training, cycling, running, yoga and high-intensity interval training workouts on the TRX app from wherever you are. This one will cost you $149.95.

6. FightCamp

It might be hard to find a local boxing studio, so why not create one in the comfort of your own home? Starting at just $56 per month plus membership ($39 per month), you can basically bring the ring into your workout space. Included in the basic package are your Punch Trackers — which record your real-time progress and stats on your iOS device — a free-standing bag, heavy workout mat, premium boxing gloves and quick wraps. All FightCamp workouts have been designed by boxing expert and co-founder Tommy Duquette, and the workouts are taught by other real-life fighters. FightCamp also offers curated blood-pumping playlists and motivating leaderboards, giving you a little friendly competition.

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7. Tonal

For those with a more expansive budget — we’re talking a couple thousand dollars to drop — the Tonal system is seriously next level. It is basically the world’s most intelligent fitness system and the first truly personalized approach to strength training. Think of it as a luxurious, ergonomically advanced, cutting-edge, modern-day Bowflex, created by Silicon Valley veteran Aly Orady. The all-in-one equipment offers 200 pounds of resistance in a device more compact than a flatscreen television. This wall-mounted, retractable-armed, digital weight machine replaces the old-school removable pin and clunky weights machine that took up an entire exercise room. It retails at a total of $2,995 or you can choose a finance option starting as low as $199 per month.