Here are the coolest exercise programs you can do with your kids

Exercise programs you can do with your kids
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You promised your new calendar and yourself that this is the year you will get fit and stay that way. However, it isn’t easy when you have a bunch of mini-mes vying for your attention. How are you expected to train for a 5K, commit to CrossFit and hit your HIIT when you have homework to correct, meal preps to pump out and carpools to cover?

If only there was a way to spend quality time with the cuties while getting in your workout. Luckily, there is. Here are some great ways to get your sweat on with your kids that won’t sacrifice feeling the burn and will teach them how to start making exercise a regular healthy habit.

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Let’s make a deal

If your kids like playing cards, you can deal them a new hand with FitDeck, a fitness playing card game. Each card dealt has a different exercise printed on it, which can be carried out by the person who picks it, or the whole family can get in on the action.

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There are even different types of decks you can buy. The Junior deck has activities directly targeting kids, while there are also decks for seniors, Pilates, stretch, toning, playground, sports, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, CrossFit, TRX and lots more.

Exercise programs you can do with your kids FitDeck
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Might as well jump

Once thought of as pure recreation, now the trampoline is known to be good exercise for children and their parents alike. According to Rebounderz, regular jumping can help a child develop their coordination and balance, as well as help with the immune system, cardiovascular health and muscle development.

Besides, it’s a whole lot of fun and it can tire them out — which is a major plus for moms who need a kid to chill out at the end of the day. You can buy smaller versions to use inside the home, or make a day of it and find a gym that specializes in them, and start jumping!

Exercise programs you can do with your kids Rebounderz
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Dance Party USA

If your exercise consists of an aerobics tape, you can make it a family affair. Instead of jumping around to Jane Fonda, you can get your sweat on to Yo Gabba Gabba. Some fun games to play while dancing are freeze dance and musical chairs. Or you can employ the help of the Kidz Bop Dance Party Nintendo game or Just Dance: Disney Party on Nintendo Wii, which allow you to select playlists of your favorite songs to shake your thangs and sing along to.

Exercise programs you can do with your kids Kidz Bop
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Fitness fun

Fitness Blender is an online workout video community that helps keep men and women in shape, along with increasing endurance and muscle mass. Now they have a program that adults can do with their children so everyone can burn off a little energy and stay healthy together.

The routine combines basic exercises and calisthenics with playground games (think bear crawls and “red light, green light”), so both kids and big kids alike will only think they’re having fun.

Exercise programs you can do with your kids Fitness Blender
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OM, my God

If you need a little peace of mind, why not get some with your kids in tow? It is possible to get your stretch on with your young ones while simultaneously teaching them to be future yogis. According to DoYouYoga, you can create a yoga obstacle course for your child to keep the poses creative. 

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This entails utilizing objects like yoga blocks, ping-pong balls, feathers, straps, handkerchiefs, stickers, and animal and letter cut-outs. These are ways to make yoga more imaginative for the littles and make it possible for you to squeeze in some downward dogs while the kids are in your care.

Before you know it, you’ll both settle in for some Savasana (which is the best part of yoga, if you ask us).

Exercise programs you can do with your kids yoga
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