This upcycle craft turns mismatched Tupperware into chic planters


Just like socks in the laundry, Tupperware containers seem to always lose their lids and become mismatched. Luckily, Tupperware doesn’t just have to stay as Tupperware! It’s the perfect vessel for storing all types of doodads and organizing kitchen and bedroom drawers. However, this time we are using Tupperware in a different way. Say hello to upcycled Tupperware planters for indoor or outdoor use.

I’ll walk you through a few ways to upgrade those plastic containers into a new home for your plants.



  • Leftover Tupperware in any shapes or sizes
  • Cotton rope
  • Spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Tupperware looks like Tupperware because of that raised brim that holds onto the lid. To give these vessels a new life you’ll want to remove that brim with a pair of scissors. Just note that Tupperware comes in all plastic densities, and some containers are easier to cut than others. To create this planter, it would be best to use a Tupperware container that is made from a thinner plastic.

Planter option #1


Using a hot glue gun, attach two containers together to create a new shape. I used two containers that were the same size and shape, but you can totally attach Tupperware that is different sizes or shapes. By adding two Tupperware containers on top of each other, your planter will have a new height for an outdoor table scape or a mantle in your living room.

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Textured spray paint is my new best friend. It helps hide uneven surfaces and gives pieces a new life. This spray paint turned a plastic piece into a planter that looks like it’s made from cement. Take this design a step further and stencil on triangles, hand paint your house number or add a bold colored stripe. All these additions will make your planter completely one of a kind.


Fill this planter with bright-colored flowers or an array of succulents. When I was filling this planter with flowers, I wanted to continue to add to the height with taller flowers that had a pop of color against the gray cement. Of course, all types of plants and flowers are accepted.


Planter option #2

Another simple upgrade to a Tupperware container is covering it in cotton rope. This DIY hack is perfect for those Tupperware containers that have a thicker plastic density and are hard to cut. You’ll want to attach the rope using a hot glue gun — make sure to apply the glue in a straight line, or every other inch, so the rope stays in place. Covering the container in rope is a great idea for a planter or even just a tray to hold beauty products in the bathroom!


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If you are making these planters for outdoor use, I would suggest creating holes in the bottom of the Tupperware to allow for drainage of water. Before adding your soil and plants, you’ll want to use a pair of scissors to puncture the bottom of the Tupperware to create holes. Once you’ve created the holes, pack the soil in tight so it doesn’t fall out of the new holes you just created.


Hang these planters using macrame rope or set them on a table or desk to spruce up any space.

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