Easter fashion trends that are all the rage (and aren’t floral)

20190405 - FI - Easter patterns that aren't floral
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I hate to admit it, but I am grossly guilty of wearing the same dress to Easter celebrations year after year. You know the one — it’s floral, about knee-length and “appropriate” for the family. But not only have I worn it for Easter, it’s made appearances at baptisms and summer BBQs. At this point, I’m pretty sure my 105-year-old great uncle would recognize it.

In every other aspect of my life, fashion is king. I’m a career fashion editor, for Gucci’s sake! So, phoning this one in officially ends today. And if you’re guilty of the same fashion faux pas (you know you are), you should do the same. Sorry, floral dress, you’re out. Literally any other pattern on the planet, you’re in. It’s time to get our Instagram profiles back to lookin’ fleek.

Not sure what hot patterns are emerging this spring? Here are looks that are definitely worth pulling out your credit card for.

Tie dye

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Thanks to Stella McCartney, the Woodstock, hippie, peace, love and happiness look is back in. And I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled. I mean, I did follow Phish for a bit.

Although this trend tends to lean more casual, you can easily dress it up. And you don’t have to pay Stella McCartney prices to do it (just the T-shirt is $385!). Free People has a simple pink tie-dye shirt for $48 that you can wear the right complementary items with to elevate – think a white blazer, white pants and a kitten heel. You’ll be fashionable yet comfortable all afternoon.

Polka dot

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I used to think polka dots took the route of quirky school girly or, God forbid, circus clown, but this year’s circles are none of the above. Even celebrities like our new favorite Aidy Bryant (Shrill) and Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) are embracing the polka dot comeback.

I plan on going with a dress like this Moon River off-the-shoulder ruffled midi-length style. It’s polished, modest and will earn a smile from mom.

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Louis Vuitton is the new Mr. Margaritaville. Bold patterns, including leaves, birds and fruit, can be a tad intimidating. They’re fun, but they can also make you stand out in a not-so-great way. But if you need some justification for wearing them, keep this in mind: They’ll make you feel like you’re on vacation, even if you’re in the suburbs of New Jersey (like I am right now).

When choosing a piece, don’t let the combination of these island flavors trip you up. They’re not as hard to wear as you think. Simply throw a neutral color into the mix. This Farm Rio skirt would work with a solid white or black tank or light sweater, depending on the temp.


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Leopard has been all the rage, but thanks to Sally LaPointe, there’s a new skin slithering its way into wardrobes and honestly, we love it. Just look at this Topshop piece. It’s fierce, it’s feminine, it’s subtle and refined. Bonus: It’s totally easy to pair with items you already have in your wardrobe.


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Truth: The checkerboard print is one of the better ‘90s trends making a comeback with fashion designers and celebrities, alike. I especially appreciate the mini versions that are available. A checked blazer or pant can be an easy replacement for any solid black pieces.

Take these Equipment pants. Instead of going with white or black, try a top with a pop of color, like magenta — a hot color this season — or a pastel for that Easter hue. A solid color turns what could be a dull office outfit into a spring-appropriate one.

Cheaper option: Urban Outfitters.

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Scarf print

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Part paisley, part bandana, and sometimes involving patchwork, this pattern is so unexpected and fun to wear. Some think the print can read ultra-ladylike and serious, but I’m diggin’ the boho vintage vibe Loewe’s recent fashion line gives off.

Want to create a similar look? This Mango top, paired with khaki crop pants or white wide-leg jeans and neutral slides or wedges, is classy and far from stuffy.

What patterns are you wearing for Easter and spring? Tag us in your looks @Homeoftheholidays or #Holidays365!