8 popular flowers to give for Valentine’s Day that aren’t roses

Roses are a classic Valentine’s Day gift, as their natural beauty evokes feelings of warmth and love, and that classic shape of an open rose, or a rosebud, is hard to beat. However, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s a little more outside the box, these popular flowers may be an excellent choice for your beloved.


Chrysanthemums are gorgeous flowers that were first cultivated in China centuries ago, and there are over 500 varieties that exist today. These flowers are loaded with lush petals and come in a wide variety of colors, but for Valentine’s Day, choose red or pink to show your love how passionate you are about them.

Closeup of chrysanthemum textured background

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It’s right there in the name — a bouquet of flowers that includes myosotis, or forget-me-nots, implores your Valentine to keep you in mind. These sweet blooms are often blue and come in small clusters of flowers, each with five petals. Pair them with baby’s breath or another white flower and you have an incredible bouquet.



Azaleas are flowering shrubs and often come in shades of pink or red, which makes them a beautiful addition to any V-Day bouquet. The flower is so beloved in countries like Japan and Korea that they have azalea festivals that draw tens of thousands of visitors, and even the United States has festivals each spring, including in areas like Tyler, Texas, and Pickens, South Carolina.

Beautiful pink Azalea flower in garden with green nature blurred


There are loads of varieties of ranunculus, but you’ll want to look for a type that is similar to the rose — but you’ll find these beauties are far more curvaceous and layered than a standard rose. The petals are softly packed into each flower for an impression your loved one will not forget.


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A classic tulip bouquet will make any Valentine smile. These gorgeous flowers are often associated with spring, but with a careful selection of hues (think pinks, purples and reds), it will be Valentine’s Day in a heartbeat.

Red orange tulips in flowerbed in Springtime at Rayong


Orchids are endlessly gorgeous and make a really special (and exotic) Valentine’s day gift. Also, your Valentine will be able to keep this gift for a long time if you buy it potted and provide care instructions, which is a lovely bonus.

Purple phalaenopsis orchid flower


Carnations are loaded with sweetly ruffled petals and carry a sweet scent, and while its original flower color was pinkish-purple (which would be excellent for Valentine’s Day), they come in an abundance of different colors, which can make assembling a V-Day bouquet easy and affordable.



Sunflowers aren’t traditionally associated with romance, but they may be just the flora you’re after if you’re showing your Valentine how much you appreciate them. Just like the star from which they get their name, sunflowers radiate warmth and happiness, which is romantic in its own right.

Close up of blooming sunflower in the field with blurred nature

Roses are red, of course, and a rose bouquet is the top choice of many who are searching for a beautiful gift to give on Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re looking for a different flower that still shows how much you care for your Valentine, we’re betting one of these dazzling blossoms in a bouquet will definitely do the trick.