47 heart-shaped recipes for Valentine’s Day

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Ah, romance is in the air! And if you really want to impress someone special this Valentine’s Day, you can put romance on your table, too.

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From swoon-worthy breakfast staples to decadent desserts, these heart-shaped recipes are sure to elicit love at first bite.

Heart-shaped bacon and eggs

Breakfast can set the tone for the entire day, so show some love by giving it a romantic twist. The best part about Giggles, Gobbles and Gulpsheart-shaped eggs with bacon hearts is that it’s just a clever (read: oh-so-easy) spin on a classic morning meal. If you forget to plan any other sweet-themed dishes for Valentine’s Day, you can always throw this together without any clandestine trips to the store.

Double heart cookies

Two hearts are better than one, right? This kid-friendly sugar cookie recipe from Baked Bree piles on the love with both heart-shaped dough and heart-shaped sprinkles.


Heart-shaped ravioli

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making homemade pasta — ‘cause you don’t have to. Yummy Mummy Kitchen ingeniously opts for wonton wrappers when making these adorable heart-shaped ravioli, and that’s a time-saving trick worth swooning over.

Mini heart doughnuts and strawberry balsamic sauce

These easy mini heart doughnuts only require two ingredients: refrigerated biscuit dough and granulated sugar (plus a little oil for frying, of course). And while such a no-fuss recipe is pretty fantastic in and of itself, Somewhat Simple takes these over the top with a strawberry balsamic sauce for dipping.

Valentine’s Day heart meringue

If you’re craving a V-Day dessert that’s light and airy, look no further than We Are Not Martha’s delightfully crunchy baked meringue hearts. Bonus? Champagne-flavored extract and crushed candy hearts serve as this fun recipe’s secret ingredients.

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