These DIY rainbow clay earrings make everyone happy

Rainbow earrings (1)
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Want to know a secret for making an outfit look more put-together than it actually is? Throw on a pair of statement DIY earrings. Earrings polish off any outfit and can turn a plain white tee and jeans into a more elevated look. This summer, my secret style weapon is earrings I made out of Sculpey clay. They are bold, colorful and so easy to make. A single sleeve of Sculpey costs about $3, and earring hardware is about $6 for a set of 10 pieces. 

I love this DIY project because it’s affordable, and you can make lots of pairs with just a few supplies. Play around different style and color combinations, or make multiples of the same set and give them out to your friends.

Below are instructions for how you can make any DIY earrings from clay.

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materials-horizontal (1)Materials + tools for DIY clay earrings:

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Step 1:


The most important thing to remember when making earrings is to keep them light. Too many pieces will weigh down the earring and probably give you a headache. When creating these rainbows, I rolled out the clay in long, thin snakes and then bent them into an arched shape. 

Step 2:


Once all of your colors are lined up, trim off the bottom into an even line. 

Step 3:


Slide the headpin wire through the center of the rainbow from the bottom to the top. Spin the piece around to make sure that the wire has gone through all rows of clay. 

Step 4:


Follow the instructions on the clay packaging and bake in the oven. Let cool to the touch before continuing to the next steps.

Step 5:


Using your pliers, wrap the extra wire around the top of the earring to hold the ear wire in place. I suggest wrapping it around two or three times. Snip off any excess wire. And there you have it! Your very own DIY earrings.

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Get creative!

  • Hot-glue embroidery floss tassels to the bottoms of the clay in the back.
  • Use whatever color patterns you like for a totally different look. Gray, white, navy or mauve, for instance, take the design into a more neutral color palette.

Rock these DIY earrings all year long and spread the joy.

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