Vintage Thanksgiving greeting ecards & verses

Vintage Thanksgiving cards |
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In the early 1900s, notes of holiday greeting were often sent as postcards. These mass-produced postcards — many with short verses — were quick to write and inexpensive, and quickly became extremely popular.

Here’s a look back — a hundred years and more — at some pretty vintage Thanksgiving postcards of yore.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

May rich blessings – plenty, peace and prosperity – be yours this Thanksgiving Day.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving - Clapsaddle


Give Thanks

For sweet hopes born, for sorrows dead. For true songs sung, for fond words said. For the ready cup, for the daily bread.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard



When the harvest time riches strew our way, let us all rejoice on Thanksgiving day (c1914)

When the harvest time riches strew our way, let us all rejoice on Thanksgiving day 1914


Thanksgiving Day

Wishing you a Thanksgiving harvest of good luck and happiness

Thanksgiving harvest of good luck and happiness


A glad Thanksgiving

Thankful to be needed, thankful to be here. Many be your reasons for thankfulness this year.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - A glad Thanksgiving


A Happy Thanksgiving

Friendly folk, a bounteous board. Contentment deep and true. May this Thanksgiving day afford these blessings three for you.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - A happy Thanksgiving


Sunshine around each turkey (c1897)

Dull clouds may overcast the sun, the day be dark and murky. But you will find, if not too blind, sunshine around each turkey.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - Dull clouds may overcast the sun c1897


Hearty Thanksgiving greeting (early 1900s)

Ah, on Thanksgiving Day, when from East and from West, from North and from South, come the pilgrim and guest. What moistens the lip and what brightens the eye. What calls back the past like the rich pumpkin pie. – J G Whittier

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - Hearty Thanksgiving greeting - 190x


Thanksgiving Day Greetings

I welcome this good season of mellot fruitfulness. As just one more occasion to wish you happiness.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - Thanksgiving day greetings


Thanksgiving greetings

While we indulge in the prosperity and pleasures of the present, let us have high hopes for the future.
Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - Thanksgiving greetings


Thanksgiving greetings

May you have abundant reason to be thankful at this season.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - Thanksgiving greetings3

Thanksgiving hand of industry (c1913)

In fertile lands, wheveer busy bee abides, the sure and faithful hand of industry provides.

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard - Thanksgiving hand of industry 1913


All antique postcard images courtesy of the New York Public Library