Thanksgiving dinner menu: Mediterranean style

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Flavors collide with this Mediterranean dinner menu for any Thanksgiving celebration. Prepare a table dressed to impress by starting out with a pickled fig, robiola and pistachio oil crostini appetizer and moving into an orange herb roasted turkey breast as the main course. As guests delight in the colorful meal, remind them to save room for pumpkin flan!

For an extra festive touch, make an easy cranberry-orange mulled wine in the Crock Pot to fill your home with the scents of the season, and your warm the bellies of family and friends.

Try this tasty Thanksgiving Mediterranean dinner menu:

A Mediterranean-Inspired Thanksgiving Feast

Pickled fig, robiola and pistachio oil crostini
Orange herb roasted turkey breast
Mediterranean chickpea salad with lemon vinaigrette
Sweet squash with walnuts
Citrus salad with fried rosemary and olives
Crock Pot cranberry-orange mulled wine
Pumpkin flan

Table Setting Tip

Create a casual, yet elegant table setting to complement this bold Thanksgiving menu. Incorporate the rich colors of the seasons including reds, rusts, and plums in your serving ware and linens, or opt for a metallic theme that combines silver and gold tones to allow the hues of your warm dishes to pop!

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