10 easy nutrition tips for Thanksgiving Day

Photo credit: mapodile/Getty Images

When you think of Thanksgiving you think of the big ‘ol dinner.  We don’t want you to think any other way. Check out our tips below on both healthy eating and kitchen sanity to help get you through the day of Thanksgiving, instead of wishing it was a bad dream the next morning.

Day-of morning workout:  Get out there, get moving — we don’t care if it’s a brisk walk, power yoga or running with the dog. This is hands down the number one step in getting the day moving in the right direction.

Get inspired with whole foods:  Did you know you can sub in whole food sweeteners like maple syrup or honey for sugar in most items? You can make whipped cream out of healthy coconut milk?  We show you in our packet and substitution guide.

Don’t starve yourself:  Just because you’re eating the most delicious meal of the year that night doesn’t mean your body will appreciate a strike on the other meals.  You are one million (number approximate) times more likely to overindulge in the bad stuff if you starve yourself all day.

Fancy cocktails?  Cool, we love a fancy cocktail. Just keep in mind very creamy and sugary drinks can drop a nutrition bomb on your evening. Stick to simple alcohols and wines, alternating with water. And hey, go easy pal, getting drunk is just about the most sure fire way to overeat.

Consider your environment: A conversation happening next to the ‘pigs in a blanket’ or cheese platter is far more likely to fare poorly than the one that happens next to the veggie and dip platter.

Start with salad and veggies!  These provide a ton of fiber, the vitamins and minerals we love oh so much, and will make you less ravenous for the stuffing….and pie….and cheesecake…

Be present and be conscious.  Mindless eating: too much, too fast and wildly unhealthy foods.  Remember what Thanksgiving is all about: gratitude for all that we have in our lives.

Wait before going back for seconds: It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to signal to your brain that you are full,  so slow your roll and savor every bite of that deliciousness.

Make choices about what you choose to indulge in:  Don’t feel like you have to have it all, because we promise you, this is not the last day you will see 3 pies at once in your life. We promise.

Hosting and received gifts? Thank them, be very excited, and then put any treats out IMMEDIATELY so everyone enjoys, and can even add a few to their leftovers.

Breathe deep, enjoy the company of the ones you love, and smile knowing you’re taking good care of yourself and the ones you love.  Happy Thanksgiving.