10 mouthwatering Thanksgiving turkey recipes to gobble up

Mouthwatering turkey recipes from MakeItGrateful.com

We all hope the pumpkin pies don’t sink and the green bean casseroles don’t burn, but the main Thanksgiving dish everyone is counting on is none other than the turkey. Don’t worry — with these 10 mouthwatering recipes, there’s no way you will disappoint.

roast your turkey with pears

Pear-laced pan drippings make the best gravy to pair with this Roast Turkey with Pears and Sage.

thanksgiving turkey brined in malt beer

For a truly moist and flavorful bird try this Malt-beer-brined Turkey (and serve with your favorite brew!).

turkey wrapped in bacon

Do Thanksgiving the American way by serving this Bacon and Sage Roasted Turkey.

this thanksgiving turkey is rubbed with an herb butter

A butter mixture of sage, thyme, parsley and shallots make this Roasted Turkey with Herb Butter and Shallots a hit.

Citrus and Herb Roasted Turkey

A personal favorite, this Citrus and Herb Roasted Turkey will make you swoon.

get creative with Asian flavors on your Thanksgiving turkey

Be adventurous this year and spice up your holiday with this Asian-rubbed Thanksgiving Turkey.

mayonnaise on a turkey, absolutely

“Less messing, less stuff, less time” is the motto for this simple yet delicious Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey.

maple and orange glazed turkey

Get into the season with this Maple and Orange Glazed Turkey with Apple and Smoked Bacon Stuffing.

rosemary and lemon are perfect on your thanksgiving turkey

This Rosemary Lemon Roasted Turkey is simple, but the flavor is to die for.

turkey breast stuffed with cranberries and wild rice

Make Thanksgiving a tad bit easier by making this Slow Cooker Turkey Breast Stuffed with Wild Rice and Cranberries.