Plan a fun New Year’s Day meal with these traditional New Year’s recipes

This autumn chopped kale and spinach salad has pumpkin seeds, cranberries and goat cheese -- perfect for Thanksgiving |

What are the holidays without traditions? Many traditions are centered around food. Dishes that have been passed down year after year by each generation. We have some fun and traditional New Year’s Day recipes for you to try. These festive and classic recipes will make every holiday meal complete.

Traditional, Southern black-eyed peas

It doesn’t get more traditional than Southern black-eyed peas. It is said that eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s will bring wealth and prosperity. A good-luck dish! Well, whether that’s true or not, one thing is for sure, they are downright delicious. Cooked with smoky salty pancetta and garlic, your guests will rave about this flavorful and classic Southern dish. Ancho chili flakes and jalapeños give a kick of heat to ramp the dish up a notch. Great the day of, and even better as leftovers, you can’t go wrong with this soulful dish.

5D4B4372 - Southern Black Eyed Peas

Brown sugar bourbon slow-cooker spiral ham

What is better than a gloriously tender and flavorful ham that tastes like you spent all day slaving over the stove? One that takes hardly any time at all! This brilliant recipe for a brown sugar bourbon slow-cooker spiral ham allows the slow-cooker do all the work for you. All you have to do is set the ham in the slow-cooker with some mouthwateringly delicious ingredients and go on about your day. The bourbon, brown sugar Dijon mustard and hot pepper jelly will do all the heavy lifting. Hours later, you will have a rich and fall-off-the-bone ham that will leave everyone wanting more.

5D4B5453 - Brown Sugar Bourbon Slow-Cooker Spiral Ham

Southern bourbon pecan glazed ham

Spiral ham screams the holidays. And no main dish could be more impressive and yet simple for your big day. Already sliced, your glorious ham makes for easy serving right out of the oven. Prepared with cloves, cayenne, bourbon, brown sugar and orange juice, the glaze makes this Southern bourbon pecan glazed ham a quintessential holiday dish. Wintery spiced cloves complemented by the vanilla and caramel notes of the bourbon perfectly balance the bright citrus and zip of cayenne. All of this, coupled with the crunch of pecans, and you have a perfectly Southern and impressively delicious ham on your plate.

5D4B9521 - Southern Pecan Bourbon Glazed Ham

Copycat honey baked ham

Who doesn’t want to save money around the holidays? Well, now you can cut back on the spending without having to sacrifice any of the indulgences that you crave this time of year. We have a recipe for you that you will swear is the coveted honey baked ham but is actually a whole lot better. The secret is in the glaze. And we have made it super simple, so very little skill is required. If you can melt ingredients in a pan and brush it over your ham, you are golden. With the sugar, warm holiday spices and delectable ham drippings, you’ll have yourself one glorious, cracklin’ glaze that your guests will swear is the real deal.

5D4B5661 - Easy copycat Honey Baked ham

Orange pepper glazed baked ham

The holidays are a time for a little something extra special. So we have a tiny twist on the usual ham glaze. This delicious recipe for an orange papper glazed baked ham cleverly adds wine to the mix. Orange juice and a sweet Riesling set the stage for a tangy and tantalizing glaze that will have everyone asking for the recipe. Riesling is a perfectly sweet and acidic complement to the smoky ham. Anyone can do the generic store-bought glaze, but this recipe will set you miles apart. The best part is it’s so simple to prepare. Your part can be done in no time, letting the oven do the rest of the work.

Vegetables Wellington

We have a gorgeous and impressive main dish for your vegetarian guests. Vegetables Wellington is a take on the classic and fancy beef Wellington. But our version is completely meat-free. Laden with tenderly scrumptious asparagus, red bell pepper, carrots, spinach and tangy goat cheese, this dish is sure to impress. All encased in a crispy, buttery crust, no one will be missing the meat here. Get creative and swap out or add any vegetables you like. This dish is as beautiful as it is delicious. Once sliced it will showcase layers of vibrant fresh colors. So simple and yet so fancy!

5D4B1591 - Vegetable Wellington

Vegan tofurky with mushroom stuffing

It is possible to dig into a delectable feast even while eating vegan. This vegan tofurky with mushroom stuffing will satisfy all of your umami cravings and still let you keep eating the way you want to. This dish is filled with a wonderful mixture of earthy cremini mushrooms, French bread and crunchy pecans, so you won’t miss a holiday beat. Encased in a miso and soy sauce flavored tofu, you will be impressed by the hearty and rich flavors. This recipe is both creative and delicious, and it will be an absolute winner with your vegan and meat-eating friends alike.


Pork roast tenderloin with dried fruits

A pork roast tenderlooin with dried fruits is perfect for the holidays. It serves several people, looks impressive and is not something you eat every day. But combine that with the rich, deep flavors of dried cherries, figs, apricots and red wine, and you have yourself an absolute standout meal fit for the most special of occasions. Flavors of garlic, rosemary and cinnamon round out the mouthwatering ingredients that will fill your home with the perfect aromatics of a special holiday dinner. As if you need more of a reason to make this recipe, stuffing the pork tenderloin with this array of dried fruit makes for a very pretty presentation on the table once sliced.

Roast pork loin with dried fruits

Creamy collard green gratin

If you love creamed spinach, you will go crazy for this recipe. Creamy collard green gratin could not be more simple to prepare. Just a few basic ingredients and one skillet, and you are ready to go. This one-pot dish will satisfy every craving for that rich and creamy side dish that will melt in your mouth. What makes this recipe unique is the use of tangy, luscious cream cheese instead of the traditional béchamel sauce. All this creaminess and the crunch of toasted panko, too. The perfect pairing and you get your does of daily greens. We call that a win-win.

Creamy collard green gratin for Thanksgiving side dish |

Chopped kale and spinach salad

If you are looking for the perfect holiday salad. Look no further. This chopped kale and spinach salad just screams fall. Generously made with pumpkin seed oil, champagne vinaigrette, apples and goat cheese, this is the perfect complement to your holiday feast. Kale and spinach are hearty greens that are perfect for fall. The crispy crunch of apples and toasted pumpkin seeds are a lovely complement to the creamy goat cheese, tart cranberries and tangy vinaigrette. Every holiday feast needs some greens to balance it out. Why not make them as fancy and as delicious as possible?

I can't wait to serve this autumn chopped kale and spinach salad with cranberries and goat cheese on Thanksgiving |