Creative flower gifts for Mother’s Day

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Photo credit: Milkos/Getty Images

Mother’s Day is a busy time for florists: Flowers have always been a popular gift for Mother’s Day. But why stick to the same-old same-old? With so many unique ways to present flowers, don’t limit yourself to store-bought bouquets this year. Try one of these suggestions to show Mom she’s worth the time and effort of a personal gift.

Flowers have a language all their own. Consider their special meanings and choose those that speak your message most eloquently.

Traditional flowers

If you really want to just stick to the basics, Mom will appreciate your down-to-earth sensibilities. (After all, she probably ingrained them!)

  • You can’t really go wrong with the traditional bouquet of roses, and this gorgeous bunch would send your message loud and clear.
  • If the special mom in your life relishes variety, though, this stunning bouquet is sure to put a smile on her face.
  • Moms always appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift you put together yourself. Why not gather a bouquet of wildflowers and put them in a simple glass jar — like the one shown below — for a gift of beauty and your time?’

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Forever flowers

Most people wish to preserve sentimental gifts forever. Fresh bouquets, in all their beauty, are temporary, unfortunately. There are a lot of options for longer-lasting floral gifts, though:

  • A single, perfect silk rose in a sealed glass container — a la Beauty and the Beast — earns a prominent place on a shelf or mantel with its elegance and meaning.
  • A box of pressed flowers sends the message that your love is eternal. Mom will never be without roses — or a reminder of your affection — again.
  • This suncatcher with pressed flowers is lovely in its simplicity.


Another way to get around the finite life of cut flowers is to go green — as in a living plant. If Mom has a green thumb, so much the better. Whether she keeps it in a decorative container near a window or replants it in her garden, she’ll be reminded of your love each time she sees it. Check these out:

  • This elegant lily symbolizes peace and grace.
  • Want something fun? A tickle-me plant has a touch of goofy whimsy that will make her smile.
  • This terrarium is a low-maintenance, attractive addition to a shelf, or Mom can hang it near a window. Either way, it’s an easy way to bring a tiny bit of the outdoors inside.

Flower gifts: Plant containers

If the mom in your life already has many plants and flowers gracing her home, she might appreciate this garden cart as a lovely way to display them.

Macrame is in again, and these macrame plant hangers would create a pleasant display of plants or flowers she can hang indoors or out.

These adorable succulent containers create a delightful display on a windowsill or shelf, all together or scattered around the home. Don’t forget to include the plants!

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Edible flower gifts

Want to give the classic charm of flowers and the sweetness of a special treat? These edible flower arrangements hit the target for a gift that provides double enjoyment. Mom can share them, too (as moms are wont to do).


Why not have a little fun, get crafty, and create a special gift for your mom with your kids? Here are some ideas for little hands to give flowers she’ll treasure forever:

  • Decorate some wooden flower frames she’ll proudly display.
  • Make this bouquet out of paper, ribbon, glue and a colorful variety of buttons.
  • This flowerpot card from Kare Wares will tug at her heartstrings. Get creative with different colors and flowers to make it extra-special.