Gifts for mom, according to her astrological sign

mom's astrological sign
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Mothers: Some are their grown kids’ best friends, while others have tense, tumultuous relationships with their offspring. We can’t chalk up any woman’s parenting style completely to the stars, but understanding your mom’s astrological sign might give you some insight into it. Take a look at your mom’s moon and rising signs to get an even better understanding of the woman who birthed you.

We even included some gift ideas based on you mom’s astrological sign to make Mother’s Day shopping easy.


She’s not likely to be a stay-at-home mom. Bursting with energy, ideas and ambition, this mom is starting her own business on the side or getting a master’s degree in her spare time. The Aries woman knows that she must put on her own oxygen mask before helping others. She probably values self care highly.

Gift idea: Spa day


A Taurus mom is the ultimate stabilizing force in her child’s life. Tauruses love routine and structure, so she is fantastic at keeping her kids on schedule, whether it be naptime, snack time or soccer practice. She is always there for her children, no matter what.

Gift idea: A picnic with the family

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The Gemini mom is fun and youthful; she’s still a kid at heart. She loves talking and learning, and she probably has a lot of hobbies and interests. She’s the mom most likely to share clothes with her teenage daughters and know who Billie Eilish is.

Gift idea: A family karaoke night


Cancer is the sign of the mother, so a Cancer mom is a natural-born nurturer. She has perpetual baby fever and loves being a parent. She’s the kind of mom who takes all the pictures and actually prints them out, frames them, and makes scrapbooks. She’s sentimental and caring, and her children always feel secure and loved.

Gift idea: A scrapbook of memories


The Leo mom is energetic and active. She puts her kids in every extracurricular activity they can dream of and loves celebrating their accomplishments. She’s proud and affectionate, so she showers her kids in love and attention. She’s the mom who won’t stop talking about how great her children are.

Gift idea: Breakfast in bed with flowers… and maybe chocolate


The Virgo mom is organized and informed. She’s done the research and knows how to make her children feel safe and empowered. She always gives great practical advice and is a wealth of helpful information for other moms around her.

Gift idea: The latest bestseller


The Libra mom is patient and kind. She’s a great shoulder to cry on and knows how to pick her kids up after they’ve had a bad day. She loves to have fun with her kids and goes the extra mile when planning.

Gift idea: A personalized piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet


Powerful, intense Scorpio Mom runs the show in her family. She will do anything for her children, and they know it. She makes sure that home is a safe and comfortable oasis from the rest of the world.

Gift idea: Silk pajamas


Adventurous and playful, the Sagittarius mom loves learning alongside her children and is passionate about new experiences. She’s the mom who backpacks around Europe with her kids and makes sure they start learning a second language when they’re young.

Gift idea: Yoga pants

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Capricorns are the ultimate providers and workhorses. A Capricorn mom does whatever it takes to make sure her family is financially secure. She’s the bedrock of the family unit and is often the breadwinner. She’s not afraid to set rules and boundaries for her children.

Gift idea: A day planner


The Aquarius mom is forward-thinking. Hip and current, she’s not the kind of mom who shelters her kids. She fosters an independent spirit in her children and relates to them even during their rebellious teenage years.

Gift idea: A diffuser (or, if she already has one, some new essential oils)


A Pisces mom is sensitive and empathetic. Her children never have reason to doubt her unconditional love. She can be self-sacrificing because she wants to do everything she can for her kids. Pisces moms ensure their kids feel free to be themselves and explore their quirky, creative sides.

Gift idea: A summer dress