Macrame pumpkin plant hangers are the perfect fall DIY decor


We all love plants, but keeping them alive is sometimes really hard. But no more: I’ve discovered the beauty and easy care of air plants. Just a good soaking every couple of weeks and no soil? Now, this is a plant I can invest in. 

Normally, I keep my air plants in a gold holder on a wall, but with fall approaching, I wanted to create a new place for them. Follow along to see how I turned a fake pumpkin into a hanging pumpkin plant holder using cotton cord to create macrame netting.

This DIY took less than 30 minutes, and the result makes a great housewarming present for the fall holiday season.

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Pumpkin plant hanger materials

  • Fake pumpkins (I used 3-inch foam pumpkins, but you could do this DIY with any size, or even plastic pumpkins)
  • X-Acto knife
  • Cotton rope
  • Scissors 

pumpkin plant hanger materials

Pumpkin plant hanger directions

Step 1

Use an Exacto knife to cut a hole in the center of the pumpkin, just as if you’re carving a real pumpkin.


Step 2

Segment the circle, and remove sections of the foam. You might need to use a key or knife to help push the first piece out.

cutting the pumpkin plant hanger

Step 3

Hollow out the pumpkin about 1 inch from the surface. 

hole in pumpkin plant hanger

Step 4

If you’re using a hollow plastic pumpkin, add a piece of floral foam to the bottom to hold the air plant in place.

Step 5

Now, it’s time to make the macrame holder. Cut eight strands of cotton rope about 24 inches long.


Step 6

Tie all the strands into one knot. 

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Step 7

Pair up the strings and tie a knot about 2 inches from the main knot. You now should have four knots and four groupings of strings.


Step 8

Separate the grouping of strings and tie a knot with the two strands that are next to each other but in different groups. Tie these knots about 2 inches above the first row of knots. 

Step 9

Complete this macrame plant holder with one last row of knots. This will create a basket-like shape for the pumpkin to rest inside.

third row knots - pumpkin plant hanger

Step 10

Place the pumpkin inside the macrame holder, and position the air plant inside. 

diy macrame pumpkin plant hanger

A few notes

  • If I were make this pumpkin plant hanger again, I would paint the inside of the pumpkin orange or black to hide the hole. The white draws too much attention to itself between the orange pumpkin and green of the air plant.
  • To best show off your macrame work, put up a hook that will bring your planter away from the wall, or hang a hook from the ceiling. Alternatively, hang your planter from a curtain rod.  

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The best thing about these pumpkin plant hangers is that they can stay up from September until after Thanksgiving. Autumn, we’re ready for you!

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