16 beauty products men want but won’t ask for

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No matter the holiday, it’s always hard to think of gifts for men. He has enough pop-culture memorabilia. His tool set is already adequately decked out. And he probably has an impressive collection of ties, socks, underwear and miscellaneous golf-related items. But have you ever considered men beauty products as gifts?

This year, tap into your favorite guy’s unspoken wish list. He might not ask directly or even say it out loud, but he’s probably been dying to try a few beauty (ahem, grooming if he’s gender-sensitive) products. From body wash that fights off bacne to an anti-aging face regimen, the following gift picks are sure to please.

Beard babying: Viking Revolution Beard Wash and Conditioner Set

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Everyone’s buzzing about beard oil, the manly man’s ultimate beauty product. You can help the men in your life step up their beard game with a one-two punch of beard wash and conditioner. Packed with argan and jojoba oils, this combo softens, smooths and strengthens, so he’ll always be the best-bearded wherever he goes. 

Luxurious body cream: Prospector Co. Wormwood Absinthium Cream

It’s quite possible that the favorite man in your life has been pilfering some of your body cream behind your back. Sure, he might poke fun at you about slathering on the scented stuff, but he secretly wants something of his own. Prospector Co.’s Wormwood Absinthium Cream is a perfect pick because, honestly, it’s so damned cool. Not only does it take its inspiration from the infamous hallucinogenic plant that drove people mad in the 1800s, but it’s also in a bottle that’ll look good on his dresser.

Rejuvenating face mask: Root Science Reborn Mineral Mask

Face masks aren’t just for the ladies. Give him the gift of revitalized skin with a detox treatment that uses 15 active natural ingredients to help repair and brighten skin, as well as prevent free radicals from doing further damage. Plus, face masks just feel good, ya know?

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Spot zapper: Clinique for Men’s Dark Spot Corrector

Dudes (and dads!) get dark spots just like women do; the sun doesn’t discriminate. Enter Clinique for Men’s Dark Spot Corrector. This clinically tested formula helps reduce the effects of damage and brightens the complexion for a more even skin tone.

Mani-pedi: Spa retreat Boxed Gift Set

Photo credit: Coast and Clearing/Etsy

Repeat after us, men: There’s no shame in healthy cuticles! Your feet carry you while you hustle at work, dance with your daughter, play tag with your son, hike with your partner or bar crawl with your bros. This Spa Retreat Boxed Gift Set lets you enjoy a little mani-pedi action at home any time. No one ever has to know. 

Lightweight SPF: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF

With age comes wisdom. The men in your life are probably realizing that their teenage selves were wrong to go sans sunscreen all the time. Now they need something simple and lightweight that they can wear every day without feeling (or looking) oily. This is a great dermatologist-recommended choice.

Bacne-banishing body wash: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash

Listen, no one wants to talk about back acne, aka bacne. Still, he probably wants it gone, and you can help him on that quest with a bottle of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin-Clearing Body Wash. It’s the man-friendly beauty product that keeps on giving. 

Anti-aging routine: Brickell Advanced Anti-Aging Routine

Just because some men aren’t as vocal about wanting to minimize signs of aging doesn’t mean it’s not on their minds. Whether he’s in his 20s and thinking about staving off future signs of aging or in his 40s and has started seeing a few pesky lines, Brickell’s Advanced Anti Aging Routine will help put his mind at ease — not to mention make his skin look fantastic.

A fancy foot peel: Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel for Men

There are two main reasons any man will love this gift. First, it makes feet look and feel better. Second, peeling off layers of dead skin will surely appeal to any inner mad scientist.

Murse: Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

Photo credit: Red Rock Outdoor Gear/Amazon

OK, so maybe not a murse (aka man purse) per se, but most guys really do wish they had something as handy as a purse for stashing the stuff they need on the go. Red Rock Outdoor Gear’s Rover Sling Pack gives Dad space for more than his wallet alone would ever allow, but it isn’t as cumbersome to lug around as a full-blown backpack.

Luxury lip balm: Jack Black Intense Lip Balm SPF 25

If he has graduated from cherry Chapstick and needs something more moisturizing, look no further than Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. Vitamin E and green tea, along with sun protection and natural emollients, help this balm banish chapping. Sidebar: My husband uses this and I routinely steal it, because it’s that good.

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Eye cream: Truly Brighter Eye Balm, House 99 by David Beckham

Ask any parents, and they’ll tell you the same: Having kids tends to have effects on your eyes, like dark under-eye circles and crow’s feet. Sleepless nights and worry tend to cause those things, right? Heck, even if he doesn’t have kids, he still has sleepless nights. Whatever the cause, suffice it to say that he is probably more aware of the skin around his eyes than ever before. He’ll be happy to blend it like Beckham with David Beckham’s House 99 Truly Brighter Eye Balm, which smoothes skin and gives a brighter look.

A soothing serum: Hims Vitamin C Serum

Photo credit: ForHims.com

Despite what men have long been conditioned to believe, skin care for guys should involve a lot more than a bar of soap. Thankfully, more companies are working to get the word out and reduce the ridiculous stigma associated with guys taking care of their skin. One such company is Hims, whose Morning Glow Vitamin C Serum will make it “look as though you’ve slept eight hours a night and have your shit together.”

Hair pomade: Mini Bed Head Manipulator

If he still has hair, he’s probably snatching your hair products. He deserves his own, though (not to mention, you want yours back). Tigi’s iconic Bed Head Mini Manipulator is an easy one-step styling gunk that’ll give him the hair definition he desires.

Everyday facial moisturizer: Marlowe Men’s Facial Moisturizer

Men don’t want to deal with dry skin any more than you do, especially on the face. This moisturizer‘s light scent and the minimal aesthetic of its packaging won’t scare him off — and his face will get the moisture it needs.

Facial brush: FOREO Luna 2 for Men

This is a pricier pick, but your favorite man undoubtedly deserves it. Why will he love FOREO’s Luna 2? Aside from just plain feeling good, this facial massager keeps skin smooth, clean and toned. It also preps skin for a comfortable shave and minimizes razor burn.